Trainwreck Reveals Kick Mobile App to Launch March 26

  • Arizonian streamer Trainwreck has confirmed Kick’s mobile app will launch Sunday
  • The launch was delayed earlier this month because the app wasn’t up to scratch
  • Twitter user SnackGOAT deemed the launch news the “best thing I’ve heard all day”


The Stake-bankrolled streaming platform Kick is launching its mobile app this weekend, much to the delight of gambling streamer Trainwreck (pictured) and his followers.

The moment many online casino streamers have been waiting for is nearly here. The Kick mobile streaming app is finally launching this weekend. Kick advocate Trainwreck took to Twitter on Friday to reveal the Stake-backed platform’s mobile app will launch on Sunday:

The Arizonian gambling streamer, real name Tyler Niknam, has been a leading figure in drumming up attention for Kick. Last month, Trainwreck publicized a March 3 rollout of the mobile app which ultimately didn’t come to fruition as the app wasn’t yet up to scratch.

music to the ears of fellow streamers Roshstein and ClassyBeef

Trainwreck’s “100%” declaration that the Kick mobile app will go live Sunday will no doubt be music to the ears of fellow streamers Roshstein and ClassyBeef. All three content creators were part of the mass migration from Twitch to Kick last year after the former banned unregulated casino content from its site.

Trainwreck’s followers are upbeat about the launch, with many believing the mobile app is going to boost Kick’s expansion. Twitter user Nessie said it would be “easier viewing from phone,” while SnackGOAT deemed it the “best thing I’ve heard all day.“

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