EPL Striker Ivan Toney Admits Breaching FA Betting Rules, Refutes Some Charges

  • If he bet on his own team, Toney could be banned for at least six months
  • Suggestions are the FA might ban Toney before the EPL season’s over
  • The FA recently banned an Oxford player for six weeks for ten betting violations
Ivan Toney
EPL’s Ivan Toney has confessed to breaking FA betting rules, but denies some of the 262 charges brought against him. [Image: Shutterstock.com]

Confessions and denials

English Premier League (EPL) striker Ivan Toney has admitted to breaching English Football Association (FA) betting rules but has denied some of the 262 charges.

facing a six-month ban at minimum

According to Sky Sports News on Wednesday, the Brentford City target man is facing a six-month ban at minimum if the FA discovers he’s bet on his own team. Football Talk took to Twitter to suggest the FA might ban Toney before the season’s over:

According to Sky, Toney, along with his lawyer and representatives, reviewed each specific offense with the FA’s legal representatives and Brentford.

If the FA find Toney guilty of the charges, his significant ban would be a severe blow to Brentford’s hopes of qualifying for Europe and building on their recent EPL legacy.

Toney awaits fate

Sir Alex Ferguson referred to nail-biting situations, albeit in soccer games, as “squeaky bum time.” After ten months of investigation, the case is nearing conclusion and Toney is probably sitting uncomfortably like the Manchester United legend described, waiting for the FA’s verdict.

Toney’s alleged breaches took place over three years during his time on the rosters of Scunthorpe United, Wigan Athletic, Peterborough United, and Brentford.

While close sources reported Toney as devastated by the betting allegations when they first emerged, his form on the soccer pitch has made a mockery of the statement. He registered five goals in five EPL games since the violations were first announced, and currently sits on 21 goals in the EPL.

But Toney now awaits his fate, which is pretty much in the lap of the FA powers-that-be.

Hard to call

Given that the English soccer governing body examines all offenses individually, there’s no way to predict if the FA will treat Toney leniently, or as severely as Oxford United’s Chris Maguire, who got a six-week ban in January for ten betting violations.

The FA prohibits all soccer players, coaches, managers, club staff, licensed agents, and directors who are part of the EPL, English Football League, National League, Women’s Super League, Women’s Championship, and the Northern, Southern, and Isthmian leagues from betting on the game.

The ban extends to betting on any other soccer-related matters, including player transfers, managerial hires, and team picks.

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