Xposed Brushes Off Parenting Criticism After His Child Appears on YouTube Gambling Video

  • Xposed’s YouTube stream featured his son watching him gamble
  • The streamer ridiculed claims his son could become a gambling addict
  • One viewer told Xposed to “just let the kid enjoy cartoons and kid stuff”
Canadian streamer Xposed (pictured) has received criticism for allowing his child to stay in the room while he played slots on his YouTube stream.

Canadian gambling streamer Cody Burnett, who goes by the moniker Xposed, has hit back at critics who slammed him for streaming himself gambling with his preschool-aged son. The streamer posted a YouTube video Wednesday, which featured his child watching him gamble, titled:

Making $200,000+ online gambling with my son!

Xposed responded to the backlash on Twitter the following day, dismissing concerns that his son could develop a gambling addiction by being exposed to the activity at a young age. He also labeled those who criticized his parenting choices “soft p*ssies:”

In one instance of criticism, YouTube user EvansHeaven responded to Xposed’s video, expressing concern that exposing children to gambling at a young age could be harmful. “Love your content but please just let the kid enjoy cartoons and kid stuff,” the user said.

In contrast, some on Twitter have voiced their support of Xposed. One user, called TwistaGambles, claimed that it was actually more important to make sure children are aware of gambling so they know the dangers. “I would “bet” these people making comments don’t even have kids of their own,” they said. “Keep doing you Xposed, you’re a great dad!”

Since Twitch’s ban on unregulated casino sites, the likes of Xposed and fellow streamer Trainwreck now stream their gambling on YouTube or Kick. Trainwreck and other streamers have encountered issues with Kick for various reasons, from an allegedly laid-back approach on policies to troubles with viewbotting.

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