Streamers Concerned With Viewbotting and Terms of Service Issues on Kick

  • One of the main draws of Kick is its relaxed rules, but some streamers are taking issue
  • Streamer Trainwreck expressed concern over viewbotting but said he’s working on it
  • AdinRoss live-streamed Super Bowl LVII on Kick to over 100,000 viewers
  • Kick’s Terms of Service could open AdinRoss up to legal trouble with the NFL
Terms of service
Some streamers have taken issue with Kick for its viewbotting issue and terms of service. [Image:]

Not all rosy on Kick

New streaming platform Kick has provided a home for Twitch streamers cast out by the recent ban on unregulated casino sites such as Stake. One of Kick’s major selling points has been it’s more relaxed rules, but now streamers are taking issue with some of the platform’s policies, or lack thereof.

allowing content creators to stream footage of Super Bowl LVII

Popular streamer Trainwreck has called out Kick for how it has handled a recent uptick in viewbotting, alleging that he is working to correct the issue but experiencing some pushback. Meanwhile, others have criticized Kick for allowing content creators to stream footage of Super Bowl LVII – something that could potentially leave streamers open to legal repercussions.

Viewbotting on the rise

Streamers who viewbot use programs or bots to artificially inflate the number of viewers on their stream. This exaggerated number can give the illusion of popularity and attract more organic viewers to their channel.

Though many streamers use viewbotting tactics to push their numbers higher, it goes against the Terms of Service of most streaming platforms. Now, Kick endorser Tyler “Trainwreck” Niknam has supposedly urged his new platform to deal with the rising problem.

I get heat for even speaking about it.”

On a recent Twitch stream, Trainwreck acknowledged the viewbotting issue on Kick and said he has been working to fix it. “This viewbotting stuff, I’m pressing for that as well,” he stated live, “even though I get heat for even speaking about it.”

Streaming the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl, one of the most famous sporting events ever, rakes in hundreds of thousands of viewers each year. However, this year, some creators on Kick chose to live stream the event to their own audience. One of these was AdinRoss, who recently announced his move from Twitch to Kick. He streamed the event to more than 100,000 viewers.

On Twitch, it would be against the Terms of Service to stream the Super Bowl. But on Kick, AdinRoss could stream the event without fear of receiving a ban, though it may leave him liable for legal repercussions.

Media personality Jake Lucky asked a lawyer whether AdinRoss could face legal action from the NFL because of the stream. He confirmed that the league could go after AdinRoss for “millions and millions of dollars:”

Shirking responsibility

After the Super Bowl, some have questioned whether Kick’s relaxed Terms of Service are good or bad for the platform.

Anything you stream is yours and not Kick’s in any way”

Popular Twitch streamer MoistCr1TiKaL went live to share his thoughts on Kick allowing the Super Bowl to be streamed. Charlie “MoistCr1TiKaL” read Kick’s Terms of Service aloud, saying: “‘Anything you stream is yours and not Kick’s in any way, and by streaming, you are expressing that you have rights to stream it.’”

He then laughed out loud, stating that Kick’s Terms of Service would later be a “huge thorn” in their side should the NFL pursue legal action:

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