Twitch Streamer Believes Gambling Sponsor Led to His Addiction

  • DNP3 recently admitted that he has used money from investors to gamble
  • The streamer believes he descended into addiction after partnering with Stake
  • DNP3 lost his life savings and is now seeking help for his addiction
  • Gambling-related streams have come under a lot of scrutiny in recent years
DNP3 playing online slots on Twitch
Popular Twitch streamer DNP3 believes entering a gambling sponsorship agreement with Stake led to him falling into addiction. [Image:]

A descent into addiction

A popular Twitch streamer believes that he fell into gambling addiction after striking a sponsorship agreement with a popular online gambling platform. The streamer, who goes by “DNP3,” recently admitted that the has used money from investors to gamble.

led to a sponsorship agreement with Stake

DNP3 streamed a lot of online casino-related content on Twitch in 2022. This led to a sponsorship agreement with Stake, which DNP3 believes was the catalyst for his descent into problem gambling. He is now part of a help group to aid his recovery from gambling addiction.

A worrying problem

DNP3 outlined in a blog post that he had misused investor funds. The streamer has been involved in numerous crypto-related projects in recent times, including NFTs, a new cryptocurrency, and a metaverse platform. Instead of investor funds going towards these projects, DNP3 was gambling the money away.

DNP3 initially started out as a video game streamer, having a reputation for giving away consoles and PCs.

When revealing what he had been doing, DNP3 said that it was “one of the toughest messages” he ever had to send out. He spoke about getting “incredibly” addicted to gambling over the past year or so. All his money was going towards gambling, trying to hit it big. Even if DNP3 did have some large gambling wins, he says that the feeling was never enough. He said his gambling led to him losing his life savings, which is why he then turned to investor money in order to chase his losses.

An issue that isn’t going away

On the back of the revelations from DNP3, a lot of people questioned once more the impact of gambling-related live streams. These types of streams have become extremely popular over the past couple of years. Despite Twitch implementing a ban on people streaming content from unregulated online gambling sites like Stake, other streaming platforms still allow this type of content.

Stake is an cryptocurrency online gambling platform that has sponsored several prominent streamers, as well as professional sports teams, and superstar rapper Drake.

A streaming platform that has come to prominence recently is Kick, established by Stake co-founder Ed Craven. Some big-name streamers are using Kick since the introduction of the Twitch ban, including Trainwreck.

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