Twitch Announces Upcoming Unregulated Online Casino Ban

  • The ban will be go into effect on October 18
  • Further details on the ban will be announced in the coming weeks
  • Twitch named four specific sites that will be banned, including Stake and Roobet
  • There has been a strong push recently to curtail gambling-related streams on Twitch
Twitch logo on phone
Twitch has announced that it will prohibit streaming content from unregulated online casinos beginning October 18. [Image:]

Taking action

Leading streaming platform Twitch has announced that it will ban all streams relating to unregulated online casinos. The Amazon-owned site announced the move on Tuesday via Twitter, with the ban to take effect October 18:

There was already a ban in place on streamers sharing promo codes or links to promote the likes of dice games, roulette, and slots for real money since August 2021. However, Twitch has seen that “some people circumvent these rules and expose our community to potential harm.”

Any streams showcasing online casino content will need to meet certain regulatory thresholds in order to be permitted. Twitch will provide more details about the new policy in the near future to make sure that all streamers are aware of what they can and cannot do when October 18 rolls around.

Some big-name operators

The current Twitch policy means that streamers can present online casino content once the platform in question has a license in the US or another jurisdiction that offers “sufficient customer protection.”

Stake, Roobet, Duelbits, and Rollbit

Twitch has already noted four popular cryptocurrency-based casinos that will be impacted by the changing policy: Stake, Roobet, Duelbits, and Rollbit. Each of these platforms has been popular among Twitch streamers. In July, world-famous rapper Drake lost over $17m in just ten minutes when playing roulette on Stake.

As a result of these four platforms being named, it seems likely that the new policy change will significantly impact the crypto gambling sector. Each of the operators only has a license in Curaçao where there is little to no regulatory oversight. Twitch also clarified that platforms that mainly focus on poker, fantasy sports, and sports betting will not be hurt by the upcoming ban.  

A growing concern

There has been a growing push by certain groups and individuals to get Twitch to completely ban all types of gambling-related streams. Concerns about the impact that this type of content has on young and impressionable people are at the forefront of these calls.

The slots category of Twitch streams is now regularly in the top ten most-watched categories each month on the platform.

It was recently revealed that a popular streamer called Sliker had taken about $300,000 from fans and other streamers to fund his gambling addiction. He would concoct fake excuses for why he needed the money, usually not repaying the borrowed sums.

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