NHL Partners AGA in Responsible Sports Betting Push

  • League to integrate Have A Game Plan. Bet Responsibly campaign into in-arena, digital marketing
  • NHL is second US pro league to incorporate AGA’s responsible gaming initiative, after NASCAR
  • Sports betting an “exciting new opportunity” for hockey fans as more states legalize the activity
  • theScore Bet also partnered National Council on Problem Gambling to raise betting awareness
fans look on and applaud the game taking place in a hockey stadium
The NHL has entered into a partnership with the American Gaming Association with the express intention of raising awareness of responsible sports betting. [Image: Shutterstock.com]

Raising awareness via in-arena, digital marketing

The National Hockey League (NHL) and the American Gaming Association (AGA) have joined forces with the aim of raising responsible gaming awareness. From a date yet to be specified, the NHL will start integrating the AGA’s Have A Game Plan. Bet Responsibly public service campaign into its in-arena and digital marketing material.

The NHL’s public relations department announced the partnership in a tweet last week:

As part of the responsible sports betting campaign, the league body will launch co-branded videoboard imagery, hockey-oriented marketing animations, and public address announcements. According to an official press release, the NHL will also provide “unique assets for each club in legal sports betting markets”, which includes mobile, desktop, email, and arena applications.

second US professional league to incorporate the AGA’s responsible gaming campaign

Following NASCAR’s lead mid-September, the NHL becomes only the second US professional league to incorporate the AGA’s responsible gaming campaign into its marketing strategy.  

The AGA’s Have a Game Plan. Bet Responsibly campaign is built around the key aspects of responsible sports betting. These include setting budgets and keeping to them, knowing the odds, keeping betting social, and wagering with regulated, trusted sportsbooks.

Initiative to educate fans vital

NHL chief business officer Keith Wachtel said the league was proud to join the AGA in what he called a “vital initiative” to promote responsible betting among NHL fans.

Wachtel sees responsible, legal sports betting as an “exciting new opportunity” for hockey fans. Knowing how to wager is key, he pointed out, adding that the league was thrilled to share the responsibility with the AGA in “this worthy education”.

more hockey fans than ever have the opportunity to legally and responsibly bet in their home states”

“The fan experience remains one of our highest priorities as more hockey fans than ever have the opportunity to legally and responsibly bet in their home states,” Wachtel said.

AGA President and CEO Bill Miller concurred, saying that educating fans about responsible participation was critical to the success of sports betting. He added that the NHL’s involvement “will be important for hockey fans everywhere […] in coming seasons.” Sports teams and national leagues have been “increasingly embracing” sports wagering as a new avenue to fan engagement during COVID-19, Miller observed.

Responsible partnerships trending

As more and more states continue to legalize sports betting across the US, it’s no surprise that sports leagues and responsible gaming bodies are forging relationships.

Also last week, mobile sports betting provider theScore Bet announced it was partnering with the National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG) as it continues its US sportsbook expansion. In a tweet, Josh Sidsworth, general counsel and chief compliance officer of theScore, said the partnership “deepens [its] commitment to responsible gaming”:

“There is no bigger priority for us than ensuring the best and safest possible experience for theScore Bet users,” Sidworth added.

In announcing the link-up with the AGA last month, NASCAR MD of gaming Scott Warfield said bettor awareness was vital in light of “the rapidly expanding legal sports betting landscape.”

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