GGPoker Introduces SnapCam Personal Video Feature

  • SnapCam allows players to share 15-second videos with opponents
  • Feature can be turned off; players are not forced to see videos
  • Harassment or offensive content is strictly off-limits
  • The new add-on is available for Windows PCs with other platforms coming soon
man waving to webcam on his laptop
GGPoker’s new SnapCam feature allows players to interact with each other at the table via 15-second video messages. [Image:]

Tell opponents how you feel

GGPoker has introduced a new feature that takes a step to address the long-time criticism that online poker lacks personality, that you can’t see the other players at the table. With the online poker room’s new SnapCam feature, players can let each other know how they feel in full video and audio.

players just click the send button to share the video with their tablemates

SnapCam allows players to record up to 15 seconds of footage using their computer’s webcam. To do so, players click on the green movie camera icon next to the emoji and chatbox icons. This brings up the recording window; when finished, players just click the send button to share the video with their tablemates.

Up to four SnapCam videos can be shared at a time on a table; if there are more than four being sent, the next ones will wait in a queue. Anyone who has muted their chat will not be able to see SnapCam videos. Similarly, SnapCam videos from individual players can be blocked by muting them in the player’s profile page.

GGPoker forbids the transmission of “offensive” content in SnapChat videos, such as sexist or racist comments. Player harassment is also prohibited, so while a little fun trash talk is likely permitted, yelling at an opponent is off limits. Players who abuse the feature will lose access to SnapChat and may be dealt with further, depending on the severity of the violation.

SnapCam is currently only available on Windows desktop PCs, but it will roll out to Mac OSX and mobile devices soon.

How will players react?

This addition to GGPoker’s software comes at a time when the industry is continuing to make changes that favor recreational players, moving away from poker pros. In that sense, reaction to SnapCam in the poker world is mixed so far.

seeing the occasional nearly-live video of someone else could be a fun addition

On the one hand, some believe – and this likely GGPoker’s feeling on the feature – that SnapCam could attract casual players who are skeptical of online poker because of its lack of socializing, the inability to see other people at the table. While nobody is required to use their webcams, seeing the occasional nearly-live video of someone else could be a fun addition, making the game more personal.

On the other hand, part of appealing to recreational players is reducing the instances where they feel picked on and targeted by pros. Poker rooms want to make their players comfortable so that they will come back day after day. While harassment is not allowed, one would think there will inevitably be instances of someone ranting, trolling, or even doing something very offensive. Fortunately, as mentioned, SnapCam can be turned off.

GGPoker’s spokesman has had video moments

The timing of SnapCam’s introduction is also coincidental, considering GGPoker’s star ambassador, Daniel Negreanu, recently had his Twitch account suspended for a live streaming outburst. Two weeks ago, the Poker Hall of Famer was live-streaming his play in the 2020 World Series of Poker Online on when a viewer said something inappropriate about his wife.

Negreanu was banned from Twitch two days later.

Negreanu was livid and went on short, rabid rant, threating the commenter while dropping all sorts of f-bombs and the like. He finished with, “I will break your f*****g teeth if you come step to me and I will feed ‘em to you anally.”

Negreanu was banned from Twitch two days later; the suspension has yet to be lifted.

He also had a brief explosion earlier that month when he lost his connection to the servers multiple times in the middle of hands. Negreanu’s tantrum was not directed at anyone specifically, but it appeared that his laptop, desk, and chair were in serious danger. His off-camera dogs were also apparently taken aback, but in a humorous moment, he paused his tirade to apologize to them.

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