Daniel Negreanu Banned From Twitch After Expletive-Filled Tirade During WSOP

  • Negreanu responded in the stream to someone who made a comment about his wife
  • Using an abundance of profanity, he threatened violence upon the viewer
  • Poker pro’s Twitch account was suspended on July 26
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After a viewer of his WSOP live stream commented on his wife, Daniel Negreanu let loose with a series of profanities and threats, resulting in his Twitch account getting suspended. [Image: Shutterstock.com]

Suspension might be temporary

Poker Hall of Famer Daniel Negreanu has been banned from Twitch because of a profane outburst during a live stream over the weekend. The ban went into effect on Sunday, July 26. It is the first time his Twitch channel has been shut down.

According to Twitch’s Community Guidelines, the streaming site “reserve(s) the right to suspend any account at any time for any conduct that we determine to be inappropriate or harmful.”

Negreanu’s infraction falls under the “acts and threats of violence” category. It is possible that it could also be considered a threat of “sexual violence”.

Twitch suspensions can range from one to 30 days

It is unknown at this time if Negreanu’s suspension is temporary or permanent, though considering it is a first offense, one might assume the former. Twitch suspensions can range from one to 30 days, so it is entirely possible that Daniel Negreanu has his account reinstated shortly after this article is published.

Viewer commented about his wife

The incident occurred during Negreanu’s attempt to win a bracelet in the 2020 World Series of Poker Online Event #24: $400 No-Limit Hold’em 8-Handed on Friday night. Streaming from his home in Las Vegas, Negreanu apparently saw a viewer named Tom Estrada make a rude comment in chat about his wife, former World Poker Tour host Amanda Leatherman. This set him off and he laid into the viewer on camera with a shower of expletives and threats.

“Hey, Tom Estrada, go f**k yourself, you piece of s**t,” he began.” “Block that c**k motherf*****g piece of s**t. F**k you, f**k you, f**k you in your ass. How about that? Okay, Tom Estrada, f**k you in your ass. Eat some of that, you piece of s**t.”

“Come f*****g step to me and say that and I will knock you the f**k out. How about that?” Negreanu added.

I will break your f*****g teeth if you come step to me”

Negreanu continued, telling Mr. Estrada, “I will break your f*****g teeth if you come step to me and I will feed ‘em to you anally.”

Daniel Negreanu finished 193rd out of 1,590 entries for $867.

Second rant of the month

This is not the first profanity-filled rant during the World Series of Poker Online for “Kid Poker”. On July 10, he was playing in Event #10: $600 No-Limit Hold’em Monster Stack when he ran into connection problems. In the middle of hands, his connection to the server dropped (it was not his internet connection, as he continued streaming), causing him to have hands folded, some after he put chips in the pot.

Negreanu, who is an ambassador for GGPoker, the other site on which WSOP Online events will be held, proceeded to let loose with choice language and nearly took out his frustrations on his desk, chair, and laptop in the process. He even apologized to his dogs twice, who seemed to be frightened off-camera by his sudden outburst.

Negreanu and the poker community joked about his blow-up in the days that followed, knowing that it was both out of character for him and a relatable frustration.

“Watched this back this morning and found myself laughing out loud… at myself hahahahaha,” he tweeted.

unnecessarily vulgar, threatening, and an odd bit of posturing

The poker community is not as forgiving about this latest incident. Most believe a more prudent course of action would have been to just block the viewer and move on. His tirade is looked at as unnecessarily vulgar, threatening, and an odd bit of posturing that was not needed in the situation.

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