Stones Gambling Hall Files Updated Motion to Dismiss Mike Postle Lawsuit

  • Parent company King’s Casino Management Corp. addressed plaintiffs' latest allegations
  • New filing also questions sudden increase in plaintiffs to 89 since original motion
  • Maintains no hard evidence of negligence or fraud was presented against the card room
  • Attorney Maurice “Mac” VerStandig plans to oppose defense's motion to dismiss
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The Stones Gambling Hall has updated its motion to dismiss claims made against it in a lawsuit concerning the Mike Postle cheating scandal. [Image:]

Looking for a way out

The parent company of the Stones Gambling Hall has filed an updated motion to dismiss claims made against it in a $10m civil lawsuit regarding the Mike Postle cheating scandal. 

addressing the latest allegations and the sudden increase of plaintiffs to 89

The King’s Casino Management Corporation submitted its original filing at the beginning of March. The plaintiffs’ legal team responded with an amendment that included more specific allegations and added more plaintiffs to the case. 

The corporation has now reacted to their complaint through the new motion to dismiss, addressing the latest allegations and the sudden increase of plaintiffs to 89. 

Specifics of the updated motion

Calling on all claims to be dismissed, the defense argues that the plaintiffs have failed “to state a cognizable claim under California law, consistent with the relevant pleading standards.”

The motion also states that it would not be possible to determine any gambling-related losses because it would be too speculative. It concludes that the poker room was not negligent. 

The 33-page filing cites many precedents, showcasing how the plaintiffs only presented the “mere possibility of misconduct” and no sufficient hard facts. It also notes that the gambling hall does not have a general duty of care for gamblers.

The updated motion concludes: “Plaintiffs can neither prove negligence nor fraud, they rely on innuendos and insinuations that are not substitutes for facts or law.”

Response from the plaintiffs

The plaintiffs’ attorney, Maurice “Mac” VerStandig, spoke to PokerNews about this latest development in the Mike Postle case. He informed that the legal team is currently reviewing and analyzing the Stones Gambling Hall’s motion to dismiss. He added:

It is disappointing to see Stones continue to characterize my clients as essentially being sore losers.”

The plaintiffs will be opposing this motion. 

The claims made against Stones

The lawsuit against Stones includes allegations that the gambling establishment was engaged in negligence, fraud, constructive fraud, negligent misrepresentations, and violating the Consumers Legal Remedies Act. 

One of the whistleblowers in the scandal, Veronica Brill, also filed a libel claim against Stones. This came after the gambling hall maintained that Brill had “completely fabricated” her claims.

In the original motion, the site of the alleged cheating scandal insisted that there was no hard evidence that cheating had taken place. It said: “This lawsuit reflects the oldest complaint of gamblers — that their lack of success means they were cheated.”

The Mike Postle cheating scandal

The $10m lawsuit against Stones relates back to allegations that Northern California poker professional Mike Postle had been cheating at the card room for more than a year. There is speculation that he had an inside man working on the live stream to provide information on what cards his opponents were holding. 

The alleged cheating took place while the Stones Gambling Hall was live-streaming the cash games. Postle is named as part of the lawsuit.

Also this week, poker vlogger Marle Cordeiro filed a new lawsuit in Nevada in relation to Postle’s alleged cheating at her poker table. 

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