Poker Vlogger Marle Cordeiro Files Mike Postle Lawsuit

  • Claims Postle was using cell phone to cheat while at her poker table at Stones Gambling Hall
  • Cordeiro not part of $10m lawsuit with 25 other plaintiffs because she is a Las Vegas resident
  • Lawyer Mac VerStandig sent 23-page letter outlining allegations, case set for trial in May
  • Complaint points to hard evidence which shows poker pro winning over 94% of streamed games
poker vlogger Marle Cordeiro
Poker vlogger Marle Cordeiro is the latest person to sue alleged poker cheat Mike Postle. [Image:]

Update: The United States District Court of Nevada granted Mike Postle’s motion to dismiss in the case against Marle Cordeiro on August 14. As reported by PokerNews, the dismissal came about as the poker vlogger had filed the lawsuit in the state of Nevada, despite the said poker games having taken place in California.

The latest party to sue

Poker vlogger Marle Cordeiro is the latest party to file a lawsuit against alleged poker cheat Mike Postle. Cordeiro claims the poker pro from Northern California was using a cell phone to cheat while he was playing against her and others. The alleged incident took place at the Stones Gambling Hall in California. 

using a cell phone to cheat while he was playing against her and others

Mac VerStandig of the VerStandig Law Firm, which focuses on poker law, is representing Cordeiro in this case. He is also the attorney for another lawsuit worth $10m that was filed against Postle. Cordeiro is not part of this lawsuit along with 25 other plaintiffs because she is a Las Vegas resident.

Explaining the reasoning behind her lawsuit is a 23-page letter written by VerStandig and sent to the District of Nevada’s United States District Court. The civil case is set for trial in May in a district court in Northern California. 

Presenting the evidence

While there is a lot of circumstantial evidence relating to Postle’s cheating, VerStandig is looking to present some hard evidence.

Postle’s stats are “unfathomable in the world of professional poker”

The lawyer outlined how Postle was victorious in over 94% of all the games he played that were broadcast on Stones Live streams. He also questioned the likelihood that any poker pro could win this much over such a long time period. 

VerStandig said in the filing that Postle’s stats are “unfathomable in the world of professional poker.”

Knowing other players’ cards

Postle allegedly cheated through the use of some form of “wire communication mechanisms” that allowed him to find out what cards his opponents were holding.

The complaint speculates that at least one other person was helping the poker pro as part of this scam, but no names have been outlined. Some poker players have suggested that someone on the tech team for the live streams could have been providing the details of the hole cards to Postle.

Uncovering potential cheating

The first accusations about Postle’s alleged cheating came to light towards the end of September 2019. The incidents reportedly took place during live streams of the cash games at Stones Gambling Hall for over a year.

A number of major red flags back up the claims. These include Postle’s ability to always correctly decide what to do on the river and his improbable win rate.

Cordeiro came up against Postle in one of the cash games in 2019. Her court complaint questions the defendant’s “peculiar ability to make an optimal decision in almost every situation with which he was confronted while playing on Stones Live.” 

Poker hall facing issues

Postle’s performances even led to Stones Live Poker producing a number of different graphics that portray Postle as being “a deity-like individual imbued with omniscient powers.” One such graphic conflated a picture of Postle and an image portraying Jesus Christ. 

The Stones Gambling Hall is seeking to dismiss a civil lawsuit it faces over the cheating scandal. It claims that it holds zero liability in the case and has outlined the reputational damage it has suffered since the allegations came to light. 

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