Wynn Resorts Massage Therapist Files Lawsuit over Sexual Harassment

  • Massage therapist files lawsuit against Wynn Resorts and Steve Wynn
  • Executives are reportedly creating a difficult work environment for female employees
  • Company claims it addresses every allegation of sexual harassment and takes action
Disgusted employee being victim of harassment and a colleague watching her.
Brenna Schrader, a message therapist employed by Wynn Resorts, has filed a lawsuit against Wynn Resorts Ltd. and Steve Wynn. [Image: Shutterstock]

Hostile work environment

A lawsuit has been filed against Wynn Resorts Ltd. and former CEO Steve Wynn, alleging that the work environment remains a hostile one for women who accused Wynn of sexual harassment.

According to the lawsuit, the defendants appear to place blame on the victims for the discriminatory environment that exists in the current workplace.

The lawsuit names Brenna Schrader as the plaintiff. The Wynn Las Vegas massage therapist has said that she reported sexual harassment by Wynn to managers. She claims that they did nothing to help her.

Details of the suit

Schrader stated that she was forced to have sex with Wynn. She claims that she was not supported after reporting a ‘sexually hostile environment’ to managers. The suit claims that the defendants have shown little interest in preventing such incidents from happening in the future.

Ms. Schrader claims she was forced to commit sexual acts on Wynn during a time period ranging from 2012 to 2016. Executives are accused of mental abuse in the lawsuit. The executives reportedly called the plaintiff and other female victims ‘prostitutes’ and ‘sluts’. The complaint reads:

Defendants appear to blame victims for the discriminatory environment that permeates workplace atmosphere to this day.”

The lawsuit claims that the company outwardly supports Wynn via memorandums and employees. Female employees of Wynn Resorts feel the support is an attempt to keep them from cooperating or removing themselves from a sexually hostile environment.

Company response

Steve Wynn has yet to comment on the new lawsuit filed by Ms. Schrader. Wynn Resorts did provide an email statement to the Las Vegas Review-Journal. The company stated that it takes action and addresses every harassment complaint received.

According to Wynn Resorts, regulators and the special committee completed the investigation into sexual harassment claims. They have not received complaints like those described in the lawsuit, except for the allegation listed in the lawsuit, as an investigation took place. Wynn Resorts claims that it followed ‘all appropriate procedures’ to address the issue.

Steve Wynn stepped down as the CEO and chairman of the company in February 2018. He removed himself from the position after several allegations of sexual harassment and misconduct emerged. He has denied all allegations.

According to VSO News, Steve Wynn was denied severance pay after reaching an agreement to leave the company. As part of the terms, Wynn was forced to move from his private residence within a company casino in Las Vegas.

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