Triton Poker’s Massive £1m Buy-In Poker Event to Give Millions to Charity

  • A £1.05m buy-in tournament has been announced by Triton Poker
  • This will take place in London and will have a £50,000 registration fee that goes to charity and a £1m entry fee
  • It is an invitation-only event, with those who receive invitations being able to bring a plus-one
  • It is expected that recreational poker players will get the invitations and use their plus-one to bring on board a pro poker player
  • There will be a number of events taking place over the course of the 10-day tournament
Each entry fee for Triton Poker million pound poker drop will go into the prize pot, likely creating a very wealthy winner
Each entry fee for the Triton Poker million pound poker drop will go into the prize pot, likely creating a very wealthy winner

£50k registration fee

Over the years, there have been numerous poker tournaments with massive prize pools. The winners have often walked away with life-changing sums of money. London has almost played host to a number of these mega-events over the years.

In October 2001 well-known promoter Barry Hearn launched what was called the “World’s Biggest Poker Event – The Poker Million”. This was set to take place at the start of 2002 at the Hilton Metropole Hotel in London. However, as a result of legal challenges, this event did not go ahead.

Other events have taken place with $1m buy-ins, but these were for closed-set television shows.

Triton Poker is now daringly attempting to take the mantle through a new tournament of its own. It will take place at the Park Lane Hilton’s Grand Ballroom in London this summer. The Triton Super High Roller Series London Festival will take place over the course of 10 days. There are going to be seven events or more on offer, beginning on July 31 and ending on August 8.

The entry fee will be a total of £1.05m – of this, the registration fee is set at £50,000, and the £1m entry fee will go into the prize pool. The registration fees will be going to charities, so millions of pounds worth of donations in total will go to some great causes.

Triton Poker has played host to some massive cash games in the past. These include Paul Phua winning a $2.35m pot against Tom Dwan. Phua is a co-founder of Triton Poker and Dwan is an ambassador for the company.

How to take part?

Speaking about the prestige of this event, Triton Poker said: “The £1 million buy-in – more than it has ever cost before to play a poker tournament – will create one of the biggest prize pools of all time. The champion will likely earn more than has ever been won at a poker tournament anywhere in the world.”

There will be a mix of professional poker players and recreational high rollers. Only those who get an official invitation from the company or are the nominated guests of one of the invited people can participate.

The invitations have already been sent out, with some of the most recognizable and successful people in the world who love poker getting one. The aim is that the invitation receiver will register to play in the event and then bring a plus-one with them. It is likely that the plus-ones will be poker professionals.

Special rules

For the majority of the initial three days, the organisers will split the field. This will see the recreational players battling against one another and the pro players playing each other. As the field narrows, the recreational and pro players will then go head to head for the big money.

Triton has created a number of rules that aim to level the playing field. Players will not be allowed to wear hoodies, hats or sunglasses, nor can they cover themselves from the neck upwards. The last nine players standing who make it to the final table will have to wear formal attire.

Some of the other events set to be on offer include;

  • NLH – 6 Handed – Turbo (£25,000 buy-in)
  • NLH – 8 Handed (£50,000 buy-in)
  • Triton London NLH Main Event (£100,000 buy-in)
  • £25,000 Short Deck Ante-Only (£25,000 buy-in)
  • Triton London SD Main Event (£100,000 buy-in)
  • £50,000 Short Deck Ante-Only (£50,000 buy-in)

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