New Infographic Shows History of Sports Betting in US Including Future Predictions

30-second summary

  • New infographic shows a complete history of sports betting in the US
  • Outlines key phases from funding the Revolutionary War…
  • …to predicting what states will go on to legalize sports betting
  • It covers everything of note to gambling over the last 100 years

The 2018 changes to US gambling laws signaled a new era for legal sports betting in the US.

It’s an exciting time and if you’re a sports fan, you’ll want to find out which states will legalize sports betting and when.

This new infographic, A History of Sports Betting in the USA – A Guide to Past, Present, and Future Laws, covers the recent changes to gambling laws on a state-by-state basis.

It gives a brief history of sports betting in the US, including the most notorious sports gambling scandals. It also looks at how technology is changing the way we gamble and highlights useful resources for sports betting regulation news in the US.

Changes to legislation

There have been many changes to betting legislation since the Federal government banned sports betting 100 years ago. Our infographic covers all the major developments up to the release of new laws in 2018.

Each individual state can now decide if it wants to draft its own gambling legislation, and the future of sports betting in the USA looks bright for everyone.

Research in our infographic shows that gamblers watch more sport on TV than non-gamblers. Media companies and sports teams will want to capitalize on the profitable betting industry through advertising and sponsorship.

Relaxation of laws

The relaxation of laws could see the growth of alternative gambling venues to Las Vegas.

Nevada’s “Sin City” has long held the monopoly for gambling in the US. Other states might see an opportunity to build competing betting empires off the back of sports betting.

Perhaps the most exciting changes brought about by the introduction of sports betting in the US will be new developments in technology.

For example, mobile gambling is on the rise worldwide. It won’t be long until you can sit in the ballpark and place in-play bets on a hand-held device as you watch the game. Even better, tech companies might develop VR headsets that take you courtside and immerse you in the action as your bets unfold.

The possibilities are endless!

Find out everything you need to know about the new betting laws and use our interactive map to check on the legal status of sports betting in your state.

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