Bettor Trying to Sell Parlay That Just Needs England EUROs 2024 Win for $987,168

  • A bettor just needs England to win for $987,168 from a stake of $17,628
  • He is trying to sell it on PropSwap, a platform for selling and buying bets
  • England face Netherlands in the EUROs semi-final on Wednesday
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A bettor is hoping to sell a wager that just needs England to win the EUROs for nearly $1m. [Image:]

Quitting while ahead

A bettor has backed England in the European Football Championships (EUROs) as part of a parlay, but they clearly don’t have much hope the three lions will get the job done. The unnamed bettor is trying to sell the wager on PropSwap, despite two legs of their three-leg parlay having already come in.

The bet, which would secure a mouth-watering $987,168 from a stake of $17,628 if successful, has been shared on X:

PropSwap is a platform through which US-based gamblers can buy and sell sports bets. It allows someone to potentially get more money than they are offered in a cash out if they aren’t confident enough to let their bet run.

currently asking for just over their cash out at $275,000

As the above post states, the bettor was initially seeking $340,000 for the wager, which had a cash out from DraftKings of $238.738. However, the PropSwap X account has confirmed that the seller is now open to lower bids, currently asking for just over their cash out at $275,000.

A good wager so far

The wager included golfer Scottie Scheffler to win The Masters 2024 at odds of +400, the Boston Celtics to win the NBA Finals at +180, and England’s international soccer team to win the EUROs at +300. The first two legs came in this April, while England will play the Netherlands on Wednesday evening in the EUROs semi-final.

While England may have made the final of the competition, their performances so far have not set the world alight. They are also yet to face any teams considered favorites for the competition, but that will all change when they face the Netherlands, who have scored nine goals so far in the EUROs – the second-most of any team, behind Spain.

PropSwap has confirmed that the highest bid for the bet now stands at $230,000 with hours left before the game. The cash out has dropped to $220,000:

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