VegasSlotsOnline News Talks to PearFiction Studios

  • PearFiction CEO Thierry Semoff says the company pours its heart and soul into its games
  • Staying ahead means constantly challenging yourself, according to Semoff
  • Galactic Invaders, PearFiction's latest hit, blends sci-fi and innovative mechanics
PearFiction Studios
VegasSlotsOnline News caught up with PearFiction CEO Thierry Semoff. [Image:]

PearFiction Studios develops creative, bespoke, and innovative slot games, released on the Games Global platform. From Gustavo El Luchador to Treasures of Kilauea and everything inbetween, the company now has a wide selection of popular titles in its arsenal and it continues to grow.

VegasSlotsOnline News recently caught up with Thierry Semoff, the CEO of PearFiction Studios, to discuss the studio’s theories on game design as well as its new titles.

Thanks for joining us today. Tell us a bit about yourself and your role at PearFiction.

Hey there! Im Thierry Semoff, the Head Pear at PearFiction Studios. As the CEO, my role is to steer this ship of creativity and innovation. I bring the big ideas, and my amazing team makes them even bigger! PearFiction has always been my passion project, and Im proud to lead this quirky, fun-loving bunch in creating games that are just as full of life as we are.

At PearFiction, you pride yourself on making “premium casino games.” What is the secret to making top class titles?

At PearFiction Studios, making premium casino games is all about pouring our hearts and souls into every title. The secret sauce lies in our unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and the players experience. We start with top-notch math and feature-rich concepts that strike the perfect balance between fun and challenge, then layer on stunning visuals, engaging storylines, and immersive soundscapes.

We constantly listen to players feedback and adapt our games to their preferences

Our games are packed with unique features, like our free spin match/fight mechanic in Granny vs Zombies, the galactic battles in Galactic Invaders and the three-pot feature in 3 Lucky Hippos. These features offer players something fresh and exciting with every spin, whether it is battling zombies, exploring the cosmos, or testing their luck with hippos. We constantly listen to players feedback and adapt our games to their preferences.

By combining our creative passion with an understanding of what players want, we craft games that resonate deeply and keep players coming back for more. In the end, our focus on premium quality, attention to detail and innovative gameplay is what makes PearFiction titles truly stand-out.

It’s such a competitive space. How do you make sure you stay one step ahead of the competition?

We embrace our creative side and dive into the unknown! Staying ahead means constantly challenging ourselves to push the envelope and bring something fresh to the table. We listen to our players, stay in tune with the latest trends, and never shy away from trying something completely out of the box. The gaming landscape is always evolving, and so are we!

Your latest release Galactic Invaders was a real hit in the VSO office. Can you tell us what makes this game so special?

We are thrilled to hear that Galactic Invaders was a hit with VSO! What makes this game special is its blend of retro sci-fi vibes with an alien invasion on Earth. The captivating storyline follows our heroine Rachel Page on a mission to save humanity from the sinister alien leader, Zerk.

Innovative mechanics like the SwiftHits feature bring fresh twists and exciting ways to win. The dynamic free spins round transport players to the heart of the battle with intense music and atmospheric changes.

It also promises an unforgettable journey through a retro sci-fi world due to its engaging mix of classic and modern gaming elements. We are pleased to see the response to this title.

What made you choose the galactic theme for this title?

The galactic theme for Galactic Invaders was chosen to blend the excitement of a retro sci-fi adventure with the thrill of an alien invasion on Earth. We wanted to capture the nostalgic charm of classic 60s sci-fi movies and shows while infusing our own creative twist into the game. This theme allowed us to explore unique, quirky characters and craft a captivating storyline centered around the battle for humanitys survival. The cosmic setting also provided us with opportunities to introduce innovative gameplay mechanics and dynamic visuals, offering players an engaging and immersive gaming experience.

That game really made us excited for more. Can you share the details of any other upcoming slot releases with us?

We’ve got some exciting releases in the pipeline that we think youll enjoy. Have you checked out Cerberus Gold yet? Were so proud of this one and had such a ball creating the concept. It’s a little darker than our usual but you should definitely give it a go! Each coin sparks fury within the beast, igniting a symphony of fireballs, multipliers, and spine-chilling LockNWins.

Its about mixing the nostalgic appeal of a retro-style game with our trademark flair

Weve also got some exciting releases in the pipeline that we think youll enjoy. First up in June, we’re introducing 3 Cherry Frenzy. This too is a bit of a departure from our usual style; we wanted to test the waters with a classic theme and see where it takes us. Its about mixing the nostalgic appeal of a retro-style game with our trademark flair. We’ve added a few modern twists, of course, and a vibrant backdrop to keep things fresh and lively.

Then in September, we’re diving deep into Greek mythology a title was not quite ready to divulge yet! But youll get a front-row seat to the power and spectacle of Mount Olympus. This one brings together rich storytelling and captivating visuals, and it offers a truly immersive experience. Were excited to share this adventure with you, and we think its going to leave a lasting impact. Watch this space!

Stay tuned for these titles. Were always looking to innovate and push boundaries, and these games are just a glimpse of whats on the horizon.

What is the main focus for 2024 as a company?

Our main focus for 2024 is to keep the game train running smoothly with a steady flow of new releases—one every month through the end of 2025. We’re all about upgrading our math to deliver games with higher potential and more thrilling gameplay.

We’re also digging into our treasure trove of fan-favourite titles and giving them a modern makeover. Classics like Chicago Gold and Squealin’ Riches are getting a fresh twist with enhanced features and visuals. Our goal is to keep things vibrant, innovative, and most importantly, tailor-made for the best player experience possible!

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