Sportsbooks Favor Kamala Harris Over Joe Biden for First Time

  • President Joe Biden blamed jet lag for his recent debate performance
  • Kamala Harris now has a 21% chance of election, according to sportsbooks
  • Biden said he is “not going anywhere” despite calls to step down 
Kamala Harris

US President Joe Biden blamed jet lag and tiredness for his poor performance in last week’s debate against his Republican opponent Donald Trump. Nevertheless, that hasn’t stopped sportsbooks seriously downgrading his chances of winning the upcoming presidential election.

In fact, sportsbooks believe Vice President Kamala Harris has a better chance of taking over as the Democrat nominee and winning the election herself. She now has a 21% chance of winning, compared at Biden’s 19%. Trump is leading in the odds with a 58% chance, according to PredictIt.

Some within Biden’s own party have called for him to step down after the debate, which saw the President stumble over words and provide some answers that appeared incoherent. This includes Abigail Disney, granddaughter of Walt Disney and a major Democratic donor, who said she will halt donations until Biden withdraws.

he has no plans to leave the race anytime soon

Despite this, Biden has confirmed that he is “not going anywhere.” The 81-year-old hit back at doubts regarding his stamina and mental proficiency, telling a crowd at the White House Independence Day festivities on Thursday that he has no plans to leave the race anytime soon. Harris has also made clear her continued support of the President.

The election will take place on November 5 this year. Post-debate polls show that Biden’s side has slid even more as Trump takes a larger lead. No incumbent president has had an approval rating this low at this stage of the election since George H.W. Bush more than three decades ago.

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