Would God Like a Flutter? Zimbabwean Prophet Banned From Casinos Defends Gambling

  • Casinos banned apostolic leader Emmanuel Mutumwa after he won $30,000
  • Mutumwa stated gambling is “a way to use God’s blessings to uplift those in need”
  • Zimbabwe casino managers concerned Mutumwa is getting “unfair help from above”
Zimbabwe flag
A Zimbabwean preacher banned by casinos believes God approves of gambling if the proceeds benefit the needy. [Image: Shutterstock.com]

If ever there’s a country for being the Z to places like Acapulco’s A, it’s the southern African country of Zimbabwe.

Having been born and bred there it did not surprise this writer one bit to read the Report Afrique story of casinos banning an Apostolic preacher and self-proclaimed prophet from a semi-mystical sect because he was too good at winning.

The twist in this tale, however, comes from the leader of the Johanne Masowe eChishanu Apostolic Sect, Archbishop Emmanuel Mutumwa’s take on his recent £23,487 ($30,000) casino win at an unnamed casino in Zimbabwe. That Mutumwa scored big and claimed God gave him a sure-fire winning formula would be enough to make headlines in most American cities.

a way to use God’s blessings to uplift those in need”

According to Report Afrique, however, the leader of the faith-based sect that worships beneath stars and sky went where no US preacher has likely gone before. Mutumwa stated that gambling is “a way to use God’s blessings to uplift those in need.”

The ordained Apostolic Archbishop has used his casino wins to bankroll school fees and “provide start-up funds for businesses.” According to media reports, casino managers in the superstitious country are “worried that he may be receiving unfair help from above.”

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