Sunderland Fans Can Now Buy Jerseys Without the SpreadEx Logo

  • This applies to the team’s new jerseys for the 2024-2025 season
  • SpreadEx has been on board as Sunderland’s chief sponsor since 2022
  • The operator acknowledged that the logo could trigger certain people
Gate at Sunderland's Stadium of Light
SpreadEx is allowing Sunderland AFC fans to buy the new jerseys without the operator’s logo on the front. [Image:]

Amid numerous controversial front-shirt gambling sponsorship agreements involving major soccer clubs, SpreadEx is taking a different approach.

The popular spread betting platform is giving Sunderland AFC fans the option to buy jerseys without the operator’s logo for the 2024-2025 season, starting on Friday.

SpreadEx has worked with Sunderland since signing a three-year deal in 2022

SpreadEx has worked with Sunderland since signing a three-year deal in 2022 and acknowledged that pro-gambling messages can trigger certain people.

Talking about this move, the company’s Head of Marketing Andy MacKenzie said it is “happy to work on making some replica kits available to fans without our logo on the front.” He went on to say that SpreadEx is looking forward to providing a variety of giveaways and competitions to fans during the upcoming season.

This news comes off the back of two controversial shirt sponsorship deals involving English Premier League teams Crystal Palace and Wolverhampton Wanderers.

While a ban on these types of agreements for EPL teams will begin with the 2026-2027 season, it will not apply to teams in the lower tiers of English soccer, such as the Championship second-tier league in which Sunderland currently plays. This exception is in place because lower-level teams often rely on such deals for much of their revenue.

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