DraftKings Employees Accused of Involvement in Bizarre $500k Extortion Plot

  • The lawsuit claims that DraftKings staff leaked sensitive private information
  • The plaintiff was attacked and told to pay $500k to Gadoon “Spanky” Kyrollos
  • DraftKings denies all of the allegations and called for the case to be dismissed
Masked criminal
A lawsuit in New York claims that DraftKings employees leaked sensitive information about a VIP customer who was on the receiving end of a $500,000 extortion plot. [Image: Shutterstock.com]

Employees of sportsbook operator DraftKings have been accused of involvement in a bizarre extortion case. A Supreme Court complaint in New York claims that workers at the Boston-based company knowingly leaked sensitive private information of one of its VIP customers, including their home address and betting history.

lawsuit is seeking damages of no less than $1m

The lawsuit is seeking damages of no less than $1m and claims that the anonymous plaintiff was the victim of a physical attack from a man wearing a mask in March 2023 in Long Island. The attacker allegedly threatened to kill the plaintiff unless sent $500,000 to well-known professional sports bettor Gadoon “Spanky” Kyrollos.

The influencer previously said he had insiders at DraftKings who could supply him with information. When the plaintiff reported the incident to his VIP host, he said he got an apology for the leak and was told that an internal investigation would take place. But, the plaintiff says, top DraftKings staff turned around and knowingly gave Spanky the plaintiff’s sensitive personal information.

The lawsuit claims that DraftKings engaged in “knowingly and wilfully aiding and abetting a violent assault, battery, and death threat.”

The operator denies all the allegations and called for a dismissal of the case.

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