Bettor Lets $584,000 Oilers Bet Run Despite 3-0 Deficit Then Loses It All on Game 7

  • The bettor placed a $1,000 bonus bet on +58400 odds for a three-leg parlay
  • It included the Chiefs in the Super Bowl, Madrid in the Champions League
  • The final leg of the Oilers to win the Stanley Cup failed on Game 7
Oilers fans
The Oilers lost the Stanley Cup final in Game 7, losing one bettor a substantial sum. [Image:]

A bettor has come devastatingly close to winning $584,000 from a $1,000 accumulator on three different sports.

The American bettor, whose legendary run was featured on the social media of br_betting, placed a three-leg parlay at odds of +58400. He used a bonus bet of $1,000 and placed the wager with BetMGM.

The bet included the Kansas City Chiefs to win the Super Bowl, Real Madrid to win the UEFA Champions League, and the NHL’s Edmonton Oilers to win the Stanley Cup. The first two came in, leaving just the Oilers win inbetween the unnamed bettor and $584,000 from a free bet.

the Oilers managed to claw it back to 3-3

The Oilers made it all the way to the final but had to beat the Florida Panthers to seal the deal. It looked like it was all over for the bettor when the Panthers gained a 3-0 game lead in the initial stages of the final. He let the bet run anyway, and the Oilers managed to claw it back to 3-3.

Ultimately, the Oilers lost 2-1 in Game 7, bringing the bettors run to a tragic end as he watched on in disbelief. br_betting posted a video of the moment on X:

Many users on X have questioned why the bettor let the wager run when the Oilers had already had such a poor start to the final. However, others suggested that because it was a free bet BetMGM likely wouldn’t let him cash it out. Some said they hoped the bettor at least hedged his bets by placing some money on Florida.

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