Poker Pro Bencb Riles Fellow Players With Opinion on Men vs Women

  • Bencb answered the question “Why do you think men have an advantage over women?” 
  • His response has angered many, including women poker pros on social media
  • Bencb doubled down on his comments with another lengthy X post the next day
Woman with Aces
Bencb has riled his fellow players with comments about women in poker. [Image:]

Professional poker player Bencb, real name Benjamin Rolle, has angered a lot of people on social media with comments about women players.

His fellow pro Blaisse Bourgeois shared the initial Instagram story to his X account on Saturday. In it, Bencb answered the question: “Why do you think men have an advantage over women?” His answer left many women and men poker players dumbfounded:

Many of those reactions can be found in the comments of Bourgeois’ post. Kat Arnsby, another pro player, asked: “Who hurt you BenCB? Was it ‘mother’?” Meanwhile, Globetrotting Poker Founder Maureen B said she was hoping the image was photoshopped, and another said it was “embarrassing” for Rolle.

Bencb made clear that it wasn’t a photoshop when he doubled down on his statements on X. He published a lengthy post on Sunday in which he explained his reasoning in finer detail, claiming that he is “not buying into this 2024 woke agenda that we are the same:”

While Rolle has received his fair share of criticism for the posts, he also had some fighting his corner. Charlie Carrel, another pro poker player and friend of Bencb, posted a video to X in which he argued that he didn’t deserve such negative comments for simply sharing his opinion. Despite disagreeing with Rolle on a number of points, Carrel claimed that it is a “conversation worth having:”

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