Neymar and Alan Keating Share Epic Hand on Hustler Stream

  • Neymar and Alan Keating played alongside Jimmy Butler, Ryan Garcia, and Ninja
  • They played a hand that Keating won but he decided to run it again on the river
  • They did this six more times in total, with combined stakes reaching $720,000
  • Neymar won every single time, meaning Alex Keating lost all his chips
Neymar and Alan Keating
Neymar (left) and Alan Keating (right) had an epic battle on Hustler Casino Live on Saturday.

Brazilian soccer player Neymar was just one member of a star-studded Hustler Casino Live lineup over the weekend. He played in Los Angeles on Saturday with NBA star Jimmy Butler, streamer Ninja, boxer Ryan Garcia, and controversial influencer Dan Bilzerian.

Neymar made a call vs Keating for $199,000 with just a pair of 9s

Neymar was also joined by professional poker pro Alan Keating, and the pair shared a hand that was the highlight of the proceedings. Neymar made a call vs Keating for $199,000 with just a pair of 9s. Keating ultimately won that hand with a flush, but he decided to run the river again six more times for eye-watering amounts:

Al Hilal SFC man Neymar had 9♣ 5♥. Since he had a pair already with a 9 on the table, he had a 79% chance of beating Keating’s A♦ 4♦ before they decided to run it again the first time. With three diamonds on the table already though, Keating just needed another to pop up for his flush.

It was an entertaining few minutes with Neymar celebrating wildly each time he came up on top. In total, the pair bet a combined $720,000 in six repeats of the river. Although he won the initial hand, Keating ultimately went broke after losing every time they ran it again. They bet $50,000 each three times, $75,000 twice, and $60,000 once.  

When the final card came up 10♣, Keating joked: “Alright last one for $25” before leaving the table. The American took to X later to claim it was all part of a plan:

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