Former Twitch Employee Says Dr Disrespect Banned for Sexting Minor

  • Dr Disrespect was banned from Twitch in 2020 without explanation
  • A former Twitch employee has claimed that he sexted a minor
  • American streamer Dr Disrespect claims he “didn’t do anything wrong”
Dr Disrespect
Dr Disrespect supposedly sexted a minor and tried to meet up with them, according to a former Twitch employee.

A former Twitch Director has alleged that top streamer Dr Disrespect was banned from the platform after sexting a minor. Cody Conners made the allegations in a post to X over the weekend, also stating that Dr Disrespect attempted to meet up with the minor at TwitchCon:

Dr Disrepect, real name Herschel Beahm IV, was one of Twitch’s top streamers before he was banned in 2020 without an explanation. Conners and another anonymous employee have supposedly shed light on the issue for the first time, claiming Twitch saw messages between the streamer and a minor on Twitch messaging system Whispers.

The anonymous employee, who spoke with several media outlets, said they worked on Twitch’s trust and safety team at the time of the ban. Their statements corroborate the claims made by Connors on X, with both claiming the American streamer attempted to meet up with the minor at the Twitch convention, TwitchCon.

Beahm also took to X to try to diffuse the situation on Saturday. He claimed that he “didn’t do anything wrong” and “was paid” through a settlement with Twitch:

Other X users have also noted that Conners utilized his supposed knowledge about the Dr Disrespect case to sell tickets to shows for his band. Alluding to Dr Disrespect in July 2023, Conners said he would tell users “why he got banned” if “all three dates sell out” for his shows in Brooklyn, New York:

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