Colorado and Michigan Latest US States No Longer Able to Access Bovada

  • Bovada is no longer accessible to people in seven states
  • The offshore platform has complied with requests so far
  • Connecticut’s regulator sent a cease-and-desist last week
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People in Colorado and Michigan can no longer access offshore gambling site Bovada following cease-and-desist letters from state regulators. [Image:]

The number of states blocked from accessing the offshore gambling site Bovada has increased to seven. Colorado and Michigan now join Nevada, Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland, and New York in having such a ban. Bovada has complied with requests from regulators to prevent people in those seven states from playing on the site, a step which is not often the case with online gambling platforms.

Bovada received cease and desist letters from the authorities in Michigan and Colorado in recent weeks. Connecticut’s regulator also sent its own letter last week, so it could soon join the other seven states. Other jurisdictions are also reportedly watching these developments closely and could follow suit.

it had two weeks to comply with the order before the state proceeded with legal action

The Michigan Gaming Control Board warned Bovada on May 29, saying it had two weeks to comply with the order before the state proceeded with legal action. It outlined numerous reasons for this demand, including the offshore company illegally offering online gambling to residents.

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