Euro 2024 Kickoff Sees 750% Rise in New Sportsbook User Registrations

  • Identity verification company IDnow spotted the jump
  • IDnow saw a 750% increase in new user verifications June 14-16
  • It noted that the higher volumes can catch operators off-guard
Euro 2024 soccer ball
A leading identification verification company has seen a 750% rise in new sportsbook users since the start of Euro 2024. [Image:]

An identification verification company has noticed a major uptick in activity since the onset of the Euro 2024 soccer competition. Manchester-based IDnow had a 750% increase in the number of new users it needed to verify for a sportsbook operator in Europe June 14-16, with the levels bypassing those from the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

the large volume of users can lead to other issues

IDnow predicts that the rise will be consistent as each country plays its first game in the competition. It also noted that the large volume of users can lead to other issues that could catch operators that do not prepare properly off-guard.

IDnow Global Gaming Vice President Roger Redfearn-Tyrzyk said that the tournament is a big opportunity for gambling sites which is why it is vital they have proper systems in place to quickly onboard new users. Properly verifying the accounts will also help to lower the instances of fraud.

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