WSOP Security Throws Screaming Woman Out After She Supposedly Refuses Penalty

  • WSOP 2024 staff threw out a woman who was shouting at her table in Las Vegas
  • A YouTube video of the incident showed her complaining about her tablemates
  • X users have claimed she received a penalty for swearing which she refused
Security had to throw out a woman at the ongoing WSOP 2024. [Image:]

A poker player has caused a scene during the ongoing World Series of Poker (WSOP) tournament in Las Vegas. Security had to escort the woman from the Horseshoe Las Vegas after she became enraged at the poker table, ultimately screaming that she had “done nothing wrong” at the top of her voice.

Poker player Allen Kessler shared a video of the end of the incident to X on Sunday night, with credit to Jacki Burkhart for catching the clip. In it, the woman argues with staff before she is escorted out of the room to a rapturous applause from her fellow players:

Details of the actual incident are sparse. However, one of the players at the table shared a video of the incident on YouTube, captioned: “Woman thrown out of poker tournament after refusing a penalty.” The situation had already escalated by the time they began recording, with the woman loudly arguing with WSOP staff and clearly disrupting other tables.

I’ve got nine people berating me”

The woman attempts to continue playing her hand while security urge her to get up from the table and leave the venue. She then complains about the other members of her table harassing her. “I’ve got nine people berating me,” she states, adding: “I’m not allowed to stick up for myself?” She then warns security that she will “sue this place” for “discrimination.”

On X, some users have attempted to shed some light on the issue, although their details are unconfirmed. One claimed that the woman received a penalty for swearing but refused to accept it, leading to the escalation. Another said that she accused the dealer and players at her table of “colluding against her.”

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