Legendary Rock Band the Eagles Book Eight Shows at the Las Vegas Sphere

  • The eight gigs will take place over four weekends in September and October
  • The fall schedule is part of the iconic band’s farewell tour
  • U2, Phish, and Dead & Company are the only bands to perform at the Sphere
Hotel California record
The Eagles have announced that they are playing eight nights in the Las Vegas Sphere in September and October. [Image: Shutterstock.com]

The Eagles are coming to the Las Vegas Sphere for the first time after signing a deal for eight gigs across September and October. The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame band announced that it will be the first new act playing in the unique $2bn venue since Dead & Company began its residency last month:

The first show will take place on September 20 and the final one on October 19, with general tickets set to go on sale on June 21. It will be a part of the Eagles’s farewell tour and the band joins U2, Dead & Company, and Phish as the only bans to perform at the Sphere since its opening in September.

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