UK General Election 2024: What Does Each Party’s Manifesto Say About Gambling?

  • The 2024 UK General Election will go ahead on July 4 after a PM announcement
  • The Conservatives did not mention gambling but will presumably continue reform
  • Labour said it plans to “reform gambling regulation, strengthening protections”
  • The Lib Dems listed mutliple measures it would introduce, including ad restrictions
UK General Election 2024
The UK General Election will take place on July 4, and each party has had its say on gambling in their manifestos. [Image:]

Labour has just released it’s manifesto for the 2024 UK General Election. It is the last of the major parties to do so, following early releases by the Conservatives and Lib Dems.

The past couple of years have been difficult for the UK gambling industry. The Conservative government introduced reform to the Gambling Act 2005, seeking to impose new rules on the industry. That resulted in the white paper, which is still in the consultation process.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak put a spanner in the works recently though by announcing a shock General Election, to go ahead on July 4. Since the parties have now shared their manifestos, VegasSlotsOnline News has listed what they have to say about gambling.


What the Tory Party has to say about gambling in its manifesto might come as a surprise to many – that is, absolutely nothing. The Conservative manifesto makes no mention of gambling at all within its 80-page manifesto released on June 11.

Sunak’s party also doubled down on its controversial commitment to send refugees to Rwanda

Instead, the document focuses on 12 key policies. These include the return of a Help to Buy scheme for home ownership, tax help for the self-employed, tougher prison sentences, and increased spending on defence. Sunak’s party also doubled down on its controversial commitment to send refugees to Rwanda.

Notably, the Conservatives are the ones who kickstarted the ongoing gambling reform in the first place, so no doubt they will continue with this process if they win. The government has so far run three consultations on new rules. These include staking limits, a statutory levy for operators, and changes that benefit the land-based sector.

If that progress is permitted to continue, the next step is for regulation to be drafted and laid before Parliament. If MPs approve those measures, they will impose them on operators with the UK Gambling Commission responsible for upholding them.


Now, this is the one that most gambling operators will be concerned about. If the polls are to be believed, Keir Starmer’s Labour Party is well on track to securing a significant majority come July, with sportsbooks pricing the Party as -1000 favorite.

Unlike the Tories, Labour does actually reference gambling in one paragraph within its manifesto, released on Thursday morning. It claims it is “committed to reducing gambling-related harm” and has pledged to “reform gambling regulation, strengthening protections.” This implies that Starmer will continue the reform kickstarted by the opposition.

We will continue to work with the industry on how to ensure responsible gambling”

That said, it seems the Party does not intend to do this without cooperating with the industry itself. “We will continue to work with the industry on how to ensure responsible gambling,” the manifesto reads.

In addition to these points, Starmer’s manifesto focuses on “wealth creation” by positioning the country as “pro-business.” The Party also pledges to reduce patient waiting times on the National Health Service, renationalize most passenger rail services, and create a new publicly owned energy company.

Liberal Democrats

The Lib Dems actually had the most to say about gambling in their manifesto, which was released on Monday. Party Leader Ed Davey has listed multiple ways in which his team will “combat the harms caused by problem gambling.”

implementing affordability checks, and taking action against black market gambling

The measures seem to mirror those already on the way as a result of Conservative reform. This includes a compulsory levy for gambling companies, restrictions on gambling advertising, establishing a gambling ombudsman, implementing affordability checks, and taking action against black market gambling.

Other than this, key Lib Dem proposals include free personal care in England, more general practitioners, faster cancer treatment, increased public spending, and reaching net zero emissions by 2045. The Party has also vowed to scrap the controversial Rwanda scheme of Sunak.

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