Sportsbook Pays for Scotland Fans to Bring Bagpipes to EURO 2024

  • European soccer’s ruling body UEFA only lifted the ban on bagpipes in February
  • Sky Bet will pick up the costs for Scottish fans to take their bagpipes to Euro 2024
  • The instrument could help Scotland to a shock win in the opener against Germany
Scottish man with bagpipes
Scottish hearts will be lifted at EURO 2024 after Sky Bet agreed to transport fans’ bagpipes for free. [Image:]

Scottish soccer fans will display their full patriotic power at the UEFA European Football Championship 2024 in Germany this summer after a law change and a helping hand from a sportsbook.

Nothing stirs Scottish blood like the sound of bagpipes, and the Tartan Army, the national soccer team’s chief fan group, are now able to transport them to Germany for free thanks to Sky Bet. The UK sportsbook took to X Wednesday with news of its deal with the Tartan Army, which will see it pick up the flight costs for the unwieldy traditional instruments:

Having the bagpipes at Euro 2024 could give Scotland the boost they need to cause an early shock, as Steve Clarke’s team kick off the opening match on Friday against hosts Germany.

UEFA only lifted its ban on bagpipes in February. Soccer’s ruling bodies have banned ‘mechanical sound-emitting devices’ like bagpipes inside stadiums at major tournaments since 2010, aside from South Africa’s mouth-blown vuvuzela.

Bagpipes are deeply rooted in Scottish culture”

The Edinburgh Evening News cited Tartan Army magazine Editor Iain Emerson as stating: “Bagpipes are deeply rooted in Scottish culture and for the Tartan Army, they are essential to our fan-experience during major tournaments.”

Emerson added: “With Sky Bet’s support we’re delighted that our pipes will be with us every step of the way in Germany.”

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