“Disgusting, Fraud, Parasite, Viewbotter” – Trainwreck Takes Aim at Roshtein After World Record Win

  • Roshtein just broke the world record for an online slot win, bagging $28.5m
  • Trainwreck has claimed he is lying to his viewers about his deal with Stake
  • Roshtein supposedly has infinite money but can only withdraw 1%
  • Train also accused Rosh of viewbotting to compete with him on Kick
Trainwreck has taken aim at Roshtein on his stream, firing a string of accusations at the content creator. [Image: Trainwreck Kick]

Trainwreck not happy

Kick streamer Trainwreck does not mince his words when it comes to other well-known gamblers. He has just called out Roshtein yet again live on his stream, firing a string of allegations against his fellow streamer.

Roshtein made the headlines on Thursday after he broke the record for the largest online slot win of all time. The Swedish content creator, real name Ishmael Schwartz, bagged $28.5m while playing with a stake of $10,000 on the Drac’s Stacks slot by Massive Studios – doing so live on stream to his Kick audience.

some interesting claims regarding his deal with crypto casino Stake

Trainwreck – who held the previous record for non-jackpot online slot win at $22.5m – didn’t exactly congratulate Roshtein. The Arizonian was live on stream on Thursday when he labeled Rosh “disgusting, fraud, parasite, viewbotter,” before making some interesting claims regarding his deal with crypto casino Stake.

Under-the-table deal

Trainwreck, real name Tyler Niknam, has publicly called out Roshtein in the past for a lack of transparency regarding his deal with Stake. In 2022, when both of them streamed on Twitch, Trainwreck called Roshtein a “scammer,” claiming he was losing cash behind the scenes without being honest with followers.

Now, Trainwreck’s latest claims revolve around the phrase “fill the balance.” In his latest stream, Trainwreck said that Roshtein has an “infinite balance, capped withdrawl” deal with Stake. This essentially means he can gamble as much as he wants at no risk to his own bank balance, but can only withdrawal a certain percentage of winnings. That percentage is minimal, says Trainwreck.

The least you can do in your title is make clear what your f*cking deal is”

“Not even 1% of all your combined wins can be withdrawn,” Trainwreck stated. “The least you can do in your title is make clear what your f*cking deal is.” The streamer said he knows how much other streamers are on because Stake has informed him he earns “three times” the amount of the closest streamer, so he knows what they can afford to gamble with if being honest.

He also accused Roshtein of viewbotting – the practice of artificially inflating the live view count of a stream to make it seem more popular than it actually is. “Trying to compete with me to make some God d*mn f*cking real traffic on a viewbotted stream… fraudulent,” he said. “Makes me sick.”

A source of contention

The debate over fake money deals is one that has caused great contention among the streamer community for years. Trainwreck didn’t just call out Roshtein in 2022, he also took aim at Xposed and anyone else who wasn’t on his Discord call, claiming that what they are “presenting publicly” is a “different story” to what is going on behind the scenes.

Trainwreck confessed to losing $22.9m in nine months through gambling alone

It’s true that Roshtein and Xposed have remained quiet on their overall losses, while others, such as Trainwreck himself, have been very vocal. In 2022, Trainwreck confessed to losing $22.9m in nine months through gambling alone, while xQc took a break from gambling that same year after losing $2m in a month.

For comparison, Xposed lost $850,000 in just one 35-minute gambling session in March 2022, throwing an on-screen trantrum after the disastrous Blackjack session. Roshtein’s largest on-stream loss came in October 2021 when he said goodbye to $7.5m in one session.  

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