New Podcast “Bet the House” Fuses Politics and Gambling

  • “Bet the House” is hosted by Neil Channing, Rory Campbell, and Nick Luck
  • Channing specializes in sports betting and political punditry
  • Episode 1 takes a look at the upcoming UK General Election
  • The trio combines their historical knowledge with polling analysis to exploit betting markets
Podcast mic
With their new podcast “Bet the House,” Neil Channing, Rory Campbell, and Nick Luck fuse politics and gambling into an entertaining and informative listen. [Image:]

Strong concept

The ubiquity of smartphones? The popularity of audio learning? The amount of time commuters spend in transit to and from work? The ability to do something else whilst listening to content? There are loads of reasons for the podcast boom, which shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, the challenge these days for podcast fans is how to find shows that appeal to them. Conversely, the challenge for podcast creators is how to find an audience for their show in a cluttered marketplace.

talk politics specifically in relation to the associated betting markets

Last month, Maria Konnikova and Nate Silver launched their “Risky Business” podcast and today, Neil Channing, Rory Campbell, and Nick Luck have dropped a politics gambling show called “Bet the House.” Both shows overlap with the gambling world, but both do so with a twist and the latter is particularly clear in its mission, which is to talk politics specifically in relation to the associated betting markets.

As a podcaster who often has his coat tugged about the dos and don’ts from aspiring producers, the first thing I say is “have a strong concept.” Too many people think that they can turn on a microphone and just go. In reality, almost nobody can and, in my experience, a good show needs to be meticulously prepped and the best ones receive a good edit too. That is why I like “Bet The House.” The subject matter interests me, but more importantly, the trio knows their stuff, keeps the conversation tight, and maintains a nice brisk pace through a variety of topics.

A Neil Channing vehicle long overdue

Not to take away one iota from his colleagues’ contributions, but for me personally, a Neil Channing vehicle is long overdue. The 2008 Irish Poker Open champion is one of poker’s great raconteurs: a charming man with a big heart and razor-sharp wit. He could easily host a poker podcast, but, for the purposes of this show, he is flexing a couple of different muscles, exploring the crossover between his specialties in sports betting and political punditry, specifically leaning into his encyclopedic knowledge of the UK’s electoral past and present.

I think that it has the makings of a big hit

“Bet The House” has actually been in the works for years. When Channing pitched the idea to me back in 2022, I instantly loved its unique selling point as the fusion of two fascinating worlds. I hoped that he would get it off the ground for my own selfish reasons, as I knew I’d be an avid listener, but also because I think that it has the makings of a big hit.

In Episode 1, which dropped today, Channing, Campbell, and Luck segue effortlessly through a myriad of subplots within the broader story of the upcoming UK General Election. Channing predicts the ousting of Jeremy Hunt whilst also identifying a couple of constituencies where the Conservative Party could actually do better than the market predicts. Campbell takes a close look at the chances of the Liberal Democrats under leader Ed Davey. There is also some discussion on Nigel Farage’s Reform UK (formerly the Brexit Party) and former Labour leader, now independent candidate Jeremy Corbyn.

It’s the law to start a podcast

While the focus of this episode was understandably on the upcoming UK election, now just 23 days away, “Bet The House” will be looking at political gambling opportunities from all over the globe with the focus undoubtedly shifting to the US Election as 2024 wears on. The trio will be using their in-depth historical knowledge combined with some forensic analysis of polling data to exploit the various betting markets.

VSO News reached out to Channing to ask about the motivation behind starting the podcast. He quipped: “If two people spend as much time talking about a subject as Rory and I do about politics and betting on elections it has now basically become a law that they start a podcast.”

Channing was also quick to give credit to Luck whose role is far more than that of compère: “We might never have done it if we didn’t persuade the legendary Nick Luck to be our referee, to show us why he is the king of podcasts and to stop each episode being three hours long.”

These guys clearly love what they are doing and my hunch is a big audience will too.

Simply put, podcasting is a great way to share your ideas and this particular triumvirate have knowledge aplenty. The other piece of advice that I have always imparted is that a show has to be a labor of love and you need to convey your genuine enthusiasm. Finding success in podcasting is great, but it has to be secondary to making the show because it is worthwhile in and of itself. These guys clearly love what they are doing and my hunch is a big audience will too.

The ultimate on-demand platform, podcasts give the listeners the power to choose what they want to hear, when they want to hear it. I’d like to hear “Bet The House” and I’d like to hear it as often as possible.

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