Casino Employee No Longer Facing Criminal Charges Over Her Role in $500k Heist

  • The prosecutors dropped all charges as Eddy did not profit in any way
  • She handed over $500,000 in cash to one suspect in two separate trips
  • Eddy claimed that associates of her dead ex-husband forced her into the theft
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The former casino employee who helped suspects steal $500,000 is no longer facing criminal charges. [Image:]

Wiping the slate

The former employee who played a role in Colorado’s largest-ever casino heist is no longer facing criminal charges.

most likely overseas criminals who deceived her into handing over the money

Prosecutors decided to drop the charges for Sabrina Eddy as she did not profit in any way from the $500,000 theft and that it was most likely overseas criminals who deceived her into handing over the money.  

The First Judicial District Attorney’s office legal team for the case said that similar types of scams were seen across the country last summer.

The events

The incident in question took place on March 12, 2023 and involved the Monarch Casino Resort and Spa in Black Hawk. Sabrina Eddy was working in the cashier cage and received a phone call from someone pretending to be the property’s head of operations.

give them $300,000 to help the casino avoid breaching a contract

She also got texts from someone she thought to be her direct supervisor giving her instructions to put cash bricks into boxes and bring them to a separate location for a handover. They told the woman that they were having an issue with a delivery of some equipment and told her to meet a lawyer at a nearby hospital to give them $300,000 to help the casino avoid breaching a contract.

She got another text a couple of hours later asking for an additional $200,000 and met the same man again. Eddy said she grew concerned after giving the money a second time and contacted the casino to express her doubts.

Coming clean

Law enforcement arrested Eddy following the incident and charged her with two counts of felony theft. Her original story was that she was the victim of a scam before she changed her tune a few days later, saying that she had to go through with the heist as associates of her now-deceased ex-husband “forced her to engage in the theft after levying threats against her family members.”

Police tracked down the man who posed as the lawyer and he pleaded guilty in March to two counts of criminal mischief after receiving payment to collect the boxes. The main suspect remains at large; the authorities believe they are overseas. It is unclear if any of the cash was recovered.

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