Comedian George Lopez Storms Out of Show Early and Casino Issues Refunds to Fans

  • Lopez left the stage 30 minutes before the end of his performance
  • He claims that the casino allowed the crowd to be “overserved and unruly”
  • Eagle Mountain issued a refund to all the people who attended the show
Comedian holding microphone
Comedian George Lopez stormed off the stage 30 minutes early due to heckling at a sold-out show at a California casino. [Image:]

Fans were stunned after comedian George Lopez stormed off the stage 30 minutes early during his sold-out performance at the Eagle Mountain Casino in California.

The 63-year-old’s team issued a statement about the show on Friday, saying that the casino failed to provide a good experience for attendees and the artist, claiming that the crowd was “overserved and unruly.”

some fans were yelling during the performance

While Eagle Mountain admitted that some fans were yelling during the performance, it didn’t observe anyone who was unruly or creating an unsafe environment. Lopez had his own security team and the casino said it was up to these people to inform the property’s staff if they wanted someone escorted out of the show.

Eagle Mountain apologized to the 2,000 or so people who were in attendance, providing them with a total refund and also giving them free tickets to another show of their choosing this year.

Lopez was initially down to appear at the property on April 20 before rearranging due to a medical emergency.

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