Dana White Says That Popular Influencer Adin Ross Is a “Hardcore” Gambler

  • Dana White described a major gambling session after a Power Slap event
  • He said that Ross was down $750,000 at one point and finished up $1.5m
  • The UFC president compared Ross to Charles Barkley for his intense betting
Casino chips and cash
UFC President Dana White has called Adin Ross a “hardcore” gambler. [Image: Shutterstock.com]

While appearing on a recent podcast, UFC President Dana White labeled influencer Adin Ross a “hardcore” gambler.

was down $750,000 at one point before finishing up $1.5m

The 54-year-old was a guest on FLAGRANT with comedian Andrew Schulz when he described how Ross attended a Power Slap event in Las Vegas and put huge money on the casino table for such a young kid. He was down $750,000 at one point before finishing up $1.5m, with White saying that not many people can gamble to that level.

Another person on that list is Charles Barkley, who went at it with White at the Durango Casino & Resort after a Power Slap tournament. The UFC president took Barkley for about $650,000 on that occasion.

Both Barkley and Ross have a track record of betting big. The latter often splashes the cash when gambling on Kick. During one stream in February with rapper 21 Savage, Ross got taken for $120,000 before discovering that the cards were marked.

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