F1 Organizers Promise Las Vegas Locals This Year’s Event Will Cause Less Disruption

  • Organizers have promised less disruption and improved communication this year
  • They understand why locals have concerns given the level of Strip shut down
  • A communications plan will launch at the end of June to provide more information
Las Vegas F1
Organizers of the F1 race in Las Vegas have vowed to cause less disruption this year. [Image: Shutterstock.com]

The organizers of the Formula 1 in Las Vegas upset locals last year due to a range of disruptions caused by the event, this included traffic jams and the closure of Strip attractions. This time around, the organizers have vowed to make it a smoother process for all those concerned.

We will not be going through the same level of disruption we went through last year”

Speaking on Thursday on The Racer blog, Brian Yost, COO of the Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority, said: “We will not be going through the same level of disruption we went through last year in terms of the track build.”

He also explained that communication would improve regarding alternative routes to avoid disruption. “This year, that communication will be even further enhanced,” he said. “Whether it’s to the general public, whether it’s to the hotel visitors, whether it’s to the employees, the over 120,000 men and women that work up and down Las Vegas Boulevard, we will make sure that word is out.”

Many locals have complained about last year’s event, with some even filing a lawsuit. The $50,000 suit was filed in April by Ellis Island and six other businesses. They are claiming $30m in lost revenue due to the F1.

Emily Prazer, F1’s Chief Commercial Officer, addressed the concerns from locals. She said: “I think that the community was nervous because it’s never been done before. I don’t think anyone’s been as aggressive as this collective group to shut down Las Vegas Boulevard for the duration. So I understand why they have concerns.”

She said, to combat this, the organizers have put everything into “a communications plan which will launch at the end of June.”

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