CarJitsu, Slap Fighting, and Mini Golf: PLN Raises $2.2m to Bring Gambling to Obscure Sports

  • Pro League Network owns obscure sports and is now promoting betting on them in the US
  • Main leagues include CarJitsu, the World Putting League, SlapFight Championship, and Str33t
  • The company already has many investors but it is seeking more as it looks to expand
CarJitsu is among the sports leagues owned by PLN, with the company intending to promote betting on it.

Obscure to main stream

Ever heard of CarJitsu, Slap Fighting, or the World Putting League? If not, then you’re not exactly the minority. These are obscure sports without a major following, but Pro League Network (PLN) is hoping that gambling on them might become commonplace.

The firm has partnered with major companies such as DraftKings and Bet365

Business Insider spoke with Bill Yucatonis, who founded the company in partnership with Mike Salvaris in 2022. The firm has partnered with major companies such as DraftKings and Bet365, providing its wagering on their platforms in markets where it is approved.

Yucatoni explained the company’s focus. “We’re solving a problem,” Yucatonis said. “We’re targeting times a day and days a week that we know are a blemish for operators.” He also said the company is looking for sports that “pop” with fans on social media.

They have raised $2.2m in a round of investment to follow their plan to push gambling on these sports.

Four main leagues

PLN isn’t tackling every obscure sport in the world, however. The company is primarily focused on four over the next 12 months. This includes CarJitsu, the World Putting League, SlapFight Championship, and Str33t.

CarJitsu is a fighting league in which the competitors battle it out in a car. Two fighters sit in the driver and passenger seats of a car and must be buckled in before the bout begins. They then must submit their opponent inside the vehicle. They are allowed to use any part of the car to do this, including seat belts:

As you can probably guess, the World Putting League is a mini-golf competition. PLN began live-streaming tournaments from the league in 2023.

Again, with the SlapFight Championship, the clue is in the name. It has deemed itself the “World’s First Regulated Underground Slap Fighting League,” which broadcasts internationally. Combatants must slap each other one at a time, with the winner being scored by judges or a knockout:

Finally, Str33t is a professional 3×3 basketball league. A joint venture between PLN and Big Ticket Sports, it sees men, women, and co-ed teams compete in some of the best streetball cities in the US.

Expansion plans

The SlapFight Championship was the first of PLN’s properties to receive approval for betting. It’s now been regulated in several markets across the US, with DraftKings and others offering betting odds. Co-owner Salvaris told Business Insider this was a “holy sh*t” moment for the company.

they’re placing a bet on different properties.”

PLN now has a number of investors, including even Kevin Garnett, former professional NBA power forward. The owners are seeking more though, and claim that the portfolio appeals to potential investors because “they’re placing a bet on different properties. If one doesn’t hit, there’s equity in those leagues,” they explained.

PLN already has around 700,000 followers across social media, generating 10 million organic impressions each week. However, the firm still has plans for expansion. It intends to expand its production of these obscure sports by opening another East Coast studio soon.

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