Fourth Person Charged in Roulette Cheating Ring at Rivers Casino Pittsburgh

  • Dealer Robin Schnepp would spin the ball incorrectly on Interblock roulette
  • The computerized game would fail to recognize the wheel was spun
  • Players could then place bets after the ball had landed on a number
Roulette wheel
Gabriella Bianco is the second player, along with two employees, charged with cheating at Interblock roulette at Rivers Casino Pittsburgh. [Image:]

A fourth person has been charged in an alleged cheating ring at Rivers Casino Pittsburgh that came to light two months ago. Gabriella Bianco is the second player to face charges in the case.

In mid-March, police arrested two Rivers casino employees – table games dealer Robin Schnepp and supervisor Anthony Laush – for helping players cheat at roulette. Schnepp and Laush were working a specific version of roulette developed by the company Interblock, which requires the ball to be manually spun in the opposite direction of the wheel.

players were able to keep placing bets even after the ball settled on a number

They found a loophole, though, in that sensors on the game don’t think the wheel has been spun if they don’t detect the ball rolling the correct direction. As such, players were able to keep placing bets even after the ball settled on a number, since the part physical, part computerized game didn’t think anything had happened yet.

Security video shows Schnepp intentionally spinning the ball incorrectly on multiple occasions and two people betting more after the ball landed on a number. Laush then validated the spins and the players won their bets. Police said the casino lost over $10,000 because of the cheating.

Jack Daniel Mars III, one of the players, was charged a few days later, but it took a couple months to identify Bianco as the second beneficiary of the cheating. Laush also put fraudulent comps on Mars’ loyalty account.

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