Our Favorite Big Slot Wins of the Week

  • Xposed hit a max win on Kenneth Must Die with a $2 stake, returning $138k
  • Roshtein turned $1000 into a staggering $8.45m on Zeus vs Hades Gods of War
  • Classybeef delivered yet again with a $100 stake on Drac’s Stacks becoming $946k
  • Santutu made $10,000 with a 5000x max win on Kraken’s Sky Bounty, staking $2
Roshtein winning on slot
Roshtein is among our list of the top slot winners of the week.

From mind-blowing multipliers to jaw-dropping jackpots, we delve into the details of our favourite slot wins of the week.

1. Xposed – Kenneth Must Die Big Win

Streamer: Xposed

Stake: $2

Win: $138,000

Multiplier Win: 69,000x (Max Win)

Game: Kenneth Must Die

Xposed hit an unbelievable max win on Kenneth Must Die with a $2 stake, resulting in a staggering $138k payout. This win showcases the high volatility and massive potential of this exciting game.

2. Antauras – Sugar Rush 1000 Big Win

Streamer: Antauras

Stake: $8

Win: $200,000

Multiplier Win: 25,000x (Max Win)

Game: Sugar Rush 1000

Antauras turned an $8 stake into $200,000 while playing Sugar Rush 1000. He hit the 25,000x max win multiplier to secure the windfall. The win demonstrates just how profitable this exciting game can be.

3. Roshtein – Zeus vs Hades Gods of War Big Win

Streamer: Roshtein

Stake: $1,000

Win: $8,450,000

Multiplier Win: 8,450x

Game: Zeus vs Hades Gods of War

Roshtein once again proves why he’s one of the top streamers with a colossal $8.45m win on Zeus vs Hades Gods of War, betting $1,000 a spin. The game’s epic clash of gods brought him an 8,450x multiplier win.

4. Roshtein – Beam Boys Big Win

Streamer: Roshtein

Stake: $500

Win: $6,250,000

Multiplier Win: 12,500x (Max Win)

Game: Beam Boys

Another massive win for Roshtein, this time on Beam Boys. With a $500 stake, he scored a max win of $6.25m, demonstrating the game’s high payout potential and how good Roshtein runs.

5. Classybeef – Drac’s Stacks Big Win

Streamer: Classybeef

Stake: $100

Win: $946,470

Multiplier Win: 9,465x

Game: Drac’s Stacks

Classybeef delivered this cracking win on Drac’s Stacks with a $100 stake, winning a massive $946,470. This 9,465x multiplier win showcases the gothic game’s potential for huge payouts.

6. Santutu – Kraken’s Sky Bounty Big Win

Streamer: Santutu

Stake: $2

Win: $10,000

Multiplier Win: 5,000x (Max Win)

Game: Kraken’s Sky Bounty

Santutu binked the Kraken’s Sky Bounty top prize with a modest $2 bet, resulting in a max win of $10,000. This impressive 5,000x multiplier win highlights the slot’s high volatility and potential rewards.

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