More US Citizens to Travel to Las Vegas This Summer Than Any Other US City

  • TripAdvisor published its annual Summer Travel Index on Tuesday
  • 95% of respondents plan to travel just as much as last summer
  • Visitor numbers to Las Vegas are nearing pre-pandemic levels
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TripAdvisor’s recent research shows that more US residents will visit Las Vegas than any other city in the country this summer. [Image:]

Still a favorite

Las Vegas is getting ready to welcome a big influx of customers this summer, with TripAdvisor reporting that the city will be the most popular domestic vacation destination for US residents.

Myrtle Beach and Orlando rounding off the top three

The travel guidance company published its Summer Travel Index on Tuesday, bringing together the results of an online survey and behavioral data from its website. Sin City led the way as the most popular domestic destination, with Myrtle Beach and Orlando rounding off the top three. Cancun is in the number one position for US travellers who are going overseas, followed by London and Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic.

No intentions to cut back

The ongoing cost of living crisis doesn’t appear to be dampening the desire to go on trips. Of the 2,400 survey respondents, 95% of them said that they plan to travel just as much as last summer or more over the coming months.

more than a quarter of the travelers will allocate at least $5,000 to their trips

People seemingly aren’t afraid to splash the cash, as more than a quarter of the travelers will allocate at least $5,000 to their trips. Only 8% of those surveyed intend to cut back on their travel expenditure this summer, while over half plan to spend even more.

Talking about the findings, TripAdvisor Senior Research Analyst Alice Jong said that people are prioritizing travel over other expenses these days, wanting to explore different experiences.

Embracing visitors

Casinos in Las Vegas will benefit from the big interest in the city among US residents. Traveler numbers have gradually improved year on year since the onset of the pandemic; 40.8 million people visited last year, compared to 42.5 million in 2019.

One of the most impacted segments during the pandemic was conventions, with attendance levels rising 20% year-on-year in 2023 to almost 6 million people.

Annual gaming revenue on the Las Vegas Strip hit a new high of $8.9bn in 2023 and Harry Reid International Airport also took in a record number of visitors.

Las Vegas is always looking at ways to increase its appeal to tourists by expanding and enhancing entertainment experiences. Some of the recent additions that captured attention include hosting a Formula 1 Grand Prix, the launch of the Sphere with popular music acts like U2, and opening the long-awaited Fontainebleau Las Vegas resort.

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