Xposed Accidentally Buys Bonus on Nolimit Slot for $139,000

  • Xposed bought the bonus on Kenneth Must Die for $139,380 without realizing
  • His chat tried to let him know before he eventually realized his mistake
  • He had to play the bonus and earned back just $41,000 of his original stake
Xposed buying bonus
Xposed has accidentally bought a bonus for more than $139,000. [Image: Xposed Kick]

Gambling streamer Xposed – real name Cody Burnett – is known for gambling away wild amounts of cash on online slots while his Kick followers watch on. However, the stakes in his latest stream grew too high even for him – and it was all a complete accident.

The Canadian streamer was buying bonuses on a Sunday night stream when he realized he had made a major mistake. While buying the bonus on Kenneth Must Die by Nolimit City, Xposed selected the Beefiest Spins option with a stake of $20. What he didn’t notice was that this had brought the total cost to $139,380 before he made the purchase.

Without realizing that his Roobet balance had just reduced substantially, Xposed continued to buy the bonuses in other games. It was his chat that first noticed the mistake, with one stating: “Cody that buy was 130k.” Multiple others joined in the warnings until Xposed eventually realized what he had done.

why was it even up that high?!!”

A clearly distraught Burnett asked “why was it even up that high?!!” before stating he was “just trying to buy it for $13,000.” He then begged “Howie.” who serves as a Roobet spokesperson on these streams, to get him out of the situation by securing him a refund. Howie explained that there was nothing he could do, instead simply wishing him good luck.

Ultimately, Xposed had to play the bonus game in the hope of making his money back. He won around $41,000 but that still left almost $100,000 down the drain. “Well that was un-f*cking believable,” Xposed concluded. No doubt it will be the last time he doesn’t give a bonus buy his complete attention.

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