Gambler Uses Las Vegas Billboards to Offer $1m Reward for Info About Spiked Drink

  • Dwight Manley claims that someone spiked his drink with ketamine
  • He proceeded to lose $2m while playing blackjack at the MGM Grand
  • The 58-year-old previously offered $500,000 for info leading to a conviction
$100 bills
A high roller who claims he his drink was spiked while he was playing high-stakes blackjack in Las Vegas is offering a $1m reward for info that leads to a conviction. [Image:]

A Las Vegas high roller is trying to find the person who spiked his drink while playing blackjack in December 2021 at the MGM Grand. Dwight Manley believes that someone put the horse tranquilizer ketamine into his beverage before he proceeded to lose $2m gambling in a VIP room. Billboards announcing the $1m reward were seen across the city in recent days:

Manley previously offered a $500,000 incentive for info that leads to the arrest and conviction of the perpetrator. Talking about the matter, he said “Any tip is worth looking at. Someone knows who did this and we want to keep it from happening again. I could have died.” The 58-year-old is suing MGM Resorts International over his claim that he was the victim of a serious criminal act in its establishment that led to him acting erratically.

allowed the former sports agent to raise his max credit limit three times

The casino allowed the former sports agent to raise his max credit limit three times, eventually reaching $3.5m. He claims that someone spiked his drink and pit staff noticed him acting strangely afterward. He eventually left the table with his friends, forgetting to bring $500,000 in chips from the table when he got up.

While MGM is seeking $440,000 through legal action, Manley says he owes nothing and has made a number of allegations against the company, including deceptive or unfair trade practices.   

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