The Ultimate Eurovision 2024 Drinking Game

  • Eurovision 2024 will go ahead in Malmö, Sweden after Loreen won last year
  • Among our drinking game rules, drink every time a presenter tries to be funny
  • You also must drink if there is a key change or pyrotechnics are used
  • If you want to bet on the winner, Croatia is the favorite at odds of +175
Swedish flag with a microphone
Eurovision 2024 will go ahead in Sweden and we have the ultimate drinking game for you. [Image:]

Eurovision 2024 is almost upon us. As we approach the Grand Final on Saturday, it is time to prepare by inviting a group of your best friends over, buying some nibbles, and getting that fridge stocked with the alcohol of your choice.

Croatia is favorite to win at odds of +175

This year, the event will go ahead in Malmö, Sweden after the nation’s entry Loreen won the 2023 edition in the UK. This time around Croatia is favorite to win at odds of +175, followed by Switzerland (+333), Ukraine (+400), and Italy (+500).

While betting on Eurovision can certainly provide some excitement, so can enjoying a drinking game among your friends. VegasSlotsOnline News has created the ultimate Eurovision drinking game specifically for the 2024 event, so you don’t have to waste any time that could be spent having fun.

All that said, please drink responsibly.

VSO News’ Eurovision 2024 Drinking Game


Drink every time:

A presenter tries and fails to be funny

A presenter changes their outfit

A presenter sings

A presenter says the Eurovision slogan: ‘United By Music’


Drink every time:

There is a key change

There is use of pyrotechnics/ wind machine/ fake rain

A singer wears a ridiculous outfit

A song mentions harmony, peace, or love


Drink every time:

The UK gets zero points

A country gives top points to their neighbour

There is a bad time delay on the video/audio link

The presenter has to hurry the voting country

2024 BONUS

Take a shot if:

Someone mentions that Malmö is Sweden’s third-largest city

Luxembourg gets a vote of 12 points (first entry in 31 years)

Someone mentions the calls for a boycott

Croatia wins

What are the odds?

To assess the chances of each of our drinking game rules occurring, VSO News has created some odds based on past editions of Eurovision. The chances are that you will have to drink quite a lot because of the following rules, which have the shortest odds of happening at least once this year:

A song has a key change: -15000 odds

Use of pyrotechnics/ wind machine/ fake rain: -12000 odds

A singer wears a ridiculous outfit: -9000 odds

Meanwhile, if you want to take a punt on the overall winner, there are plenty of appetizing options. Croatia’s Baby Lasagna is hard to look past at odds of +175. The singer’s catchy tune ‘Rim Tim Tagi Dim’ has received the most attention in the build up to the event:

Alternatively, Switzerland is another great option. At odds of +333, the Swiss entry Nemo with their song ‘The Code’ is another good bet. Ukraine and Italy make up the rest of the favorites with odds of +400 and +500, respectively. The latter has put its faith in Angelina Mango and her song La Noia:

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