Hong Kong Police Dismantle 7 Gambling Dens in Organized Crime Crackdown, Arrest 142

  • Police arrested gamblers, triad members, and operators of the illegal enterprises
  • They seized gambling machines, drugs worth HK$700,000 (US$89,540), and cash
  • This is the latest operation as part of the zero tolerance policy on organized crime
Hong Kong police officer
Hong Kong police arrested 142 people as part of an 11-day operation to crack down on illegal enterprises like gambling dens. [Image: Shutterstock.com]

Police in Hong Kong completed an 11-day operation aimed at dismantling organized crime enterprises across the region, arresting 142 individuals in the process. It took down seven gambling and 18 drug-related businesses, as well as an unlicensed drinking establishment and illegal sex work.

The authorities arrested 72 males and 70 females, the youngest of which was just 15 years old. This group included gamblers and people who were operating illegal enterprises, some of whom were allegedly members of triad organizations.

Across the series of raids which came to an end on Tuesday, police seized drugs worth about HK$700,000 (US$89,540), gambling machines, cash, liquor, and weapons. Approximately 500 officers took part in the operation.

only allowed frequent gamblers to visit the establishment in an attempt to stay under the radar

Talking said one of the more advanced gambling dens was in a warehouse, offered Chinese dominoes, and had significant security in place, such as surveillance cameras and enforced gates with multiple locks. It only allowed frequent gamblers to visit the establishment in an attempt to stay under the radar. The raid on this premises yielded HK$90,000 (US$11,512) in cash that was sitting on the gambling tables and the officers arrested 15 people, including the alleged head of the syndicate.

This is just the latest crackdown as part of Hong Kong’s zero-tolerance policy on organized crime. In January, police arrested 347 people following raids over a three-day period.

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