Fontainebleau Partners F1 Las Vegas to Offer Open-Air Nightclub

  • Fontainebleau has partnered with LIV Nightclub and F1 Las Vegas for the November race
  • They will create an open-air nightclub that will have 360-degree views of the race course
  • The 2023 edition of the Las Vegas F1 had some issues, including causing disruption to the Strip
F1 car
Fontainebleau has partnered with F1 for the upcoming Las Vegas race in November. [Image:]

Las Vegas welcomed its first Grand Prix in more than 40 years in 2023 as Formula 1 merged with the Strip. The race was such a success that it will return this year, and one of the newest additions to the Las Vegas skyline is getting in on the action this time around.

the resort will partner with the LIV Nightclub

Fontainebleau Las Vegas has announced a new partnership with F1 Las Vegas. As part of the deal, the resort will partner with the LIV Nightclub to turn the F1 Paddock Club Rooftop into an open-air nightclub offering amazing views of the race, which will go ahead on November 24.

Fontainebleau shared the news to its X page:

While many viewed the 2023 edition of the Las Vegas F1 as a success, it also had its issues. A group of fans filed a lawsuit against organizers after the practice session was cancelled, meaning they only got to watch 9 minutes of the session. The cancellation came when Ferrari man Carlos Sainz drove over a drain cover.

In addition to this, many local Las Vegas residents complained about the disruption to the area in the build up to the race. Grandstand construction caused serious traffic issues on the Strip, in some cases cutting off access to famous attractions completely, such as the Bellagio Fountains.

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