Fake Adin Ross: The Tiktokers Making Victims Break Belongings

  • Johnjam11703 is posting videos of fake Adin Ross convincing victims to break stuff
  • The perpetrators talk over videos of Adin Ross to convince victims to do what they want
  • One kid threw his playstation out the window, another broke his streaming setup
Broken laptop
A group behind a TikTok account are using an Adin Ross video to convince random chat users to break their stuff. [Image: Shutterstock.com]

A TikTok account called Johnjam11703 is posting videos that have left viewers shocked. Those running the account are masquerading as famous content creator Adin Ross on random video chat platform Monkey App to convince people to smash up their expensive belongings.

tells the kid on the call to throw his Playstation out of his window

The first post, titled “We made a kid throw a playstation out the window,” now has more than 15,000 views. One of the perpetrators is talking over a video of Adin Ross so it appears that the celeb influencer is speaking. He then tells the kid on the call to throw his Playstation out of his window in exchange for a new console and $500 – a deal that the boy accepts.

Adin Ross has been known to give away expensive prizes to his followers in the past, which is likely why the Monkey App users are falling for the trick. In April 2023 for instance, Ross gifted one viewer $5,000 in cash and a $2,000 gaming PC.

The account’s latest posts have racked up considerably more views. The top post with 1.1 million views is titled: “Guy breaks whole set up for fake adin ross.” The fake Ross convinces the aspiring streamer to destroy his setup in return for a shoutout on his channel. The young man on the other end punches his monitor until it breaks before snapping his headset and keyboard.

Johnjam11703’s latest video, called “Fake adin ross makes someone put a hole in the wall,” now has more than 500,000 views. Using the same clipped video of Adin Ross, the tricksters convince a young man to smash a hole in his bedroom wall with a bat, promising him a Hellcat car and $20,000 in return. The victim even asks for his mom’s permission before he accepts the challenge.

Response to the videos is varied in the comments. One user deemed the latest video “actually evil,” and another labeled those who run the account “villains.” Meanwhile, another saw the value in what fake Adin Ross is doing, arguing “people need to learn and be sceptical of everything.”

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