Does His $5.4m Streak Make Dave Portnoy the Hottest Gambler on the Planet?

  • Portnoy’s most recent win was for $1.35m after Scottie Scheffler won the Masters
  • He said his bet that UConn would win the NCAA Tournament was his best ever
  • Portnoy has a long track record of betting and has struggled to control his gambling
Stacks of cash
Barstool Sports Founder Dave Portnoy claims that he is one of the hottest gamblers on the plenty right now due to his recent $5.4m hot streak. [Image:]

Barstool Sports Founder Dave Portnoy isn’t afraid to toot his own horn and he is now claiming to be one of the “hottest gamblers on the planet” due to his recent hot streak. He has racked up profits of $5.4m by successfully predicting some of the most high-profile sporting events to take place so far this year.

The latest win was on golfer Scottie Scheffler winning the Masters, a wager that yielded him a $1.35m payout from a $300,000 stake. He detailed his hot streak in a post on X, speculating that others would struggle to ever match his four-month performance:

The biggest of the recent wins was a $2.76m profit after placing $600,000 on the UConn Huskies to win the 2024 NCAA Tournament, labeling it as the greatest bet of his life.

Portnoy claimed that he was quitting gambling

It was only in November that Portnoy claimed that he was quitting gambling following some ill-advised wagers. The break didn’t last long, as the 47-year-old placed a seven-figure bet just a week after making the vow.

Portnoy has spoken at length about his betting history, saying that at one point he struggled to control his gambling.

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