These Are the Most Complained-About Train Stations in the UK and Europe

  • London Victoria, Leeds Station, and Glasgow Queen Street are at the top of the list
  • Among the complaints noted, parking and lengthy toilet queues are common
  • Germany’s Stuttgart Hbf is the top most complained-about station outside of the UK
UK train station
By assessing Tripadvisor reviews, VSO has found the most complained-about train stations in the UK and Europe. [Image: Network Rail]

The words ‘delayed’, ‘cancelled’ or ‘disrupted’ are enough to strike fear into the hearts of most rail passengers, though these issues are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the challenges of traveling by train. Busy platforms, broken ticket machines and overpriced coffee are just some of the things contributing to negative train station experiences and testing travellers’ luck.

which receives the most complaints?

But among all the train stations in the UK and in Europe, which receives the most complaints? 

To find out, we analyzed the number of one, two, and three-star reviews for the busiest UK and European train stations on Tripadvisor to reveal which are the most criticized by the public.

The 20 most complained-about stations in the UK

RankStation name Region% of negative reviews 
1London VictoriaLondon74%
2Cardiff Central Railway StationWales68%
3Leeds StationYorkshire and The Humber53%
4Glasgow Queen StreetScotland46%
5Manchester VictoriaNorth West45%
6London EustonLondon44%
7Bristol Temple Meads StationSouth West42%
8Gatwick Airport Railway StationSouth East41%
9Nottingham Train StationEast Midlands38%
10Edinburgh WaverleyScotland32%
11London Bridge StationLondon29%
12Surbiton Railway StationLondon29%
13Marylebone StationLondon26%
14Manchester PiccadillyNorth West26%
15Brighton Railway StationSouth East25%
16Richmond (London) StationLondon24%
17London Liverpool StreetLondon23%
18Newcastle Central StationNorth East22%
19London WaterlooLondon22%
20Birmingham New StreetWest Midlands22%

1. London Victoria

London Victoria station, located in central London, is revealed to be the most complained-about train station in the UK. According to our analysis on Tripadvisor, a staggering three-quarters of reviews (74%) were rated three stars or below, with the majority receiving just one star. 

A key transport hub for travellers in the south of England, London Victoria has connections to Kent, Brighton, Southampton, and Dover, while also providing the Gatwick Express service to Gatwick airport. 

Of the 160 million passengers that use the station per year, many of these are clearly unimpressed with their visits. Despite being one of the most famous stations in the city, travelers have complained the most about this station, ranging from issues with lengthy toilet queues and birds entering the station to difficulties with ticket collection.

I don’t think I have ever encountered more unpleasant staff”

One user, who rated the station one star, said, “I don’t think I have ever encountered more unpleasant staff than in Victoria station.” Another described it as “very chaotic.” 

Interestingly, it’s not only London Victoria that is criticised for its poor service in England’s capital. Seven other London stations, including London Euston, London Bridge and Marylebone Station have a place in the top 10 ranking. 

2. Cardiff Central Railway Station

In second place for the station with the most negative reviews is Cardiff Central Railway Station, with 68% of reviews rated three stars or below.

Located in Cardiff city centre, the station offers direct routes to Manchester, London, Bath, and Southampton, to name a few. Despite its prime location and connectivity across the UK, Wales’ biggest station has received the second highest number of complaints by train users. 

Among comments about lack of signposting, disappointing staff service, and poor catering options, a large number of visitors questioned the station’s parking facilities. One TripAdvisor user commented, “parking has become impossible recently and we have almost missed our train on a couple of occasions as there has been nowhere to park,” while another noted the “inadequate number of parking spaces.” 

3. Leeds Station 

In third place is Leeds Station in West Yorkshire. Just over half of all reviews were three stars or below for this station, totaling 53%.

With nearly 24 million tickets sold overall, the mainline railway station serves as a vital transportation link for many commuters, connecting people to various towns and cities in the UK.

the station is vast and the exits and entries are poorly signposted”

Many travellers have taken to Tripadvisor to express their complaints. Some reported finding the station’s layout confusing, with one user who rated the station only one star saying “the station is vast and the exits and entries are poorly signposted.”

Others commented on the lack of, or generally unhelpful staff at the station and the cleanliness of its interior. One visitor commented that there were “no seats when waiting at the platform” and that “people were having to sit on the filthy floor as they waited for the train.” 

4. Glasgow Queen Street

Glasgow Queen Street in Glasgow, Scotland comes in fourth place, with a slightly less 46% of negative reviews. 

The most frequent comment about this station was that visitors must pay in cash to use the toilets at the station, which according to Tripadvisor, costs 50p to use. One visitor, who rated the station two out of five stars, said “the toilet facilities situation is outrageous,” and questioned “why is there no contactless option?”

Others complained that the facilities are “appalling” due to the lack of shops available. 

5. Manchester Victoria 

Manchester Victoria ranks fifth for the most complained about train station in the UK, with 45% of reviews being three stars or below, only very slightly less than Glasgow Queen Street station. 

The staff working on the ticket gates at this station are extremely rude”

Many visitors to the station comment that they are unsatisfied with the service from staff. One user commented: “The staff working on the ticket gates at this station are extremely rude, unhelpful and generally not very nice to deal with.” 

The 10 most complained-about stations in Europe

Now we know the stations people complain about the most in the UK, we found out which train stations are the most heavily criticized among major stations in Europe. We explored the top three most complained about stations outside the UK. 

RankStation name CityCountry% of negative reviews 
1London VictoriaLondonUnited Kingdom74%
2Stuttgart HbfStuttgartGermany73%
3Gare du NordParisFrance67%
4Roma TerminiRomeItaly55%
5Düsseldorf HbfDüsseldorfGermany47%
6Moscow YaroslavskyMoscowRussia42%
7Hamburg HbfHamburgGermany39%
8Hannover HbfHannoverGermany38%
9Gare de LyonParisFrance37%
10Nürnberg HbfNurembergGermany37%

1. Stuttgart Hbf, Germany 

Stuttgart Hbf (Hauptbahnhof) in Stuttgart, Germany is the station that is the most complained about in Europe outside of the UK.

Stuttgart Hbf is the city’s largest station. It finished renovations in 2023 to become even more connected to the city of Ulm via underground trains. 

Following just behind London Victoria, Stuttgart received 73% of negative reviews out of all Tripadvisor reviews analysed. Despite being a vital transit point connecting various destinations within Germany, travelers frequently experience difficulties here.

there are no elevators or escalators to be seen

If you’re taking heavy bags on your journey, you might want to re-think using this station, as several visitors complained that carrying heavy bags was difficult here. Others complained that there are no elevators or escalators to be seen, so travelling with lots of luggage is “tedious,” as written by one user who rated the station two stars. 

2. Gare du Nord, France 

Gare du Nord is a train station in Paris, France. As one of the busiest railway stations in Europe, Gare du Nord handles a significant volume of commuter, regional, and long-distance travel. 

It serves as a connection between Paris, various destinations across France, and international routes. This includes Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, and the United Kingdom via the Eurostar service, meaning it’s a popular station with tourists. 

Many travelers will need onward travel after arriving at a station. A big complaint on Tripadvisor is the overpriced taxis at Gare du Nord. One user even said they “waited over an hour in the taxi line, which was poorly managed by employees outside.” Many users warned others to avoid taking taxis from the rank here, and reported being “scammed” by drivers. 

Other visitors commented on the volume of people making it difficult to get around, and some even reported having personal items stolen while traveling through the station. One user commented: “This is a very busy station. Be aware of pickpockets.” 

3. Roma Termini, Italy 

Roma Termini is the main railway station in Rome, Italy. Over half (55%) of all reviews for this station were rated three stars or below.

The station serves as a main hub for transport connecting domestic and international trains, including high-speed trains such as the Frecciarossa and Italo. 

full of thieves and pickpockets” 

Most comments on TripAdvisor discussed overcrowding at the station. One user said “the terminal was filled to the brim with people, and there was limited to no available seating.” Another wrote the station is “full of thieves and pickpockets.” 


We analysed the number of 1, 2, and 3-star reviews for the busiest UK and European train stations on Tripadvisor to reveal which are the most complained about.

Please note: Any stations with less than 10 reviews were removed. The London Underground, Elizabeth Line and overground stations removed from the UK ranking.

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