Peru Davis Cup Captain Fined $10,000 for Promoting Betting Operator

  • Luis Horna partnered with a betting firm to “promote tennis betting”
  • The ITIA has accepted that Horna’s violation was inadvertent
  • Horna was also given a six-month suspended ban
Luis Horna congratulating a player
The ITIA has slapped Peru’s Davis Cup Captain Luis Horna (pictured, left) with a $10,000 fine for promoting a betting firm. [Image:]

The International Tennis Integrity Agency (ITIA) has fined ex-tennis player and current Peru Davis Cup captain Luis Horna $10,000 for promoting an undisclosed betting operator.

The London-based integrity organization took to X on Monday to share its sanctioning of Horna:

Horna is a Peruvian tournament director and, doubly as team captain, is considered by ITIA a “covered person”, who must stick to tennis’ rulings on dealings with betting firms.

In a news release, the ITIA shared the Tennis Anti-Corruption Program rule relating to Horna’s breach. Namely: “No Covered Person shall directly or indirectly, facilitate, encourage and/or promote Tennis Betting (‘Facilitation’).”

withdrew from the betting partnership and “deleted all promotional material”

The ITIA further disclosed that Horna inked a contract with a betting operator in 2023 to “provide professional services and promote tennis betting.” After the ITIA rumbled him, a remorseful Horna withdrew from the betting partnership and “deleted all promotional material related to the betting brand.”

The ITIA added that it accepted the fact Horna’s breach of the rule was inadvertent and that there was no evidence of any corruption relating to the breach.

Besides his fine, the ITIA issued Horna a six-month suspended ban. If the Peru Davis Cup captain violates any more rules during the six months which started April 5, the ITIA will enforce the suspension.

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