Washington Lottery Pulls AI App After 50-Year-Old Mom Complains of Topless Pic

  • The “Test Drive a Win” app asked users to upload a photo of themselves
  • AI then created a picture with a smiling, half-naked image of Megan on a bed
  • Washington’s Lottery decided to shut down the app and the game’s site
Mature woman shocked at what she sees on her phone
The state of Washington’s lottery has axed a website and app after AI created a soft porn image of a 50-year-old mom. [Image: Shutterstock.com]

Topless image

The red-faced Washington’s Lottery has pulled its popular “Test Drive a Win” site and mobile app after a mother from Tumwater complained the app’s AI created a topless image of her.

The 50-year-old mom, going simply by the name Megan as she appeared Tuesday on “The Jason Rantz Show” on KTTH, stated: “I also think whoever was responsible for it should be fired.”

created a sexually suggestive picture of Megan

The focus of Megan’s outrage, however, is the work of artificial intelligence. Namely, the AI Washington’s Lottery used on its “Test Drive a Win” mobile app. The now-axed AI created a sexually suggestive picture of Megan when she was prompted to upload an image of herself.

In addition to calling for a lottery official’s head, Megan slammed the explicit AI photo as a “disturbing” use of tax dollars.

Fishy image

How Megan made headlines for her surprise soft porn appearance came when she, like other users, uploaded a photo to the app whereupon the AI would create an image of her and other users at a vacation spot they selected on the site.

In Megan’s case, the computer-generated montage of her wearing only bikini bottoms came as a shock.

a smiling Megan on a bed wearing only bathing suit bottoms

As Megan explained on the KTTH show, she shared an image of her face to the app’s “swim with the sharks” section. The AI then created an aquarium-like artwork with fish swimming about with the centerpiece a smiling Megan on a bed wearing only bathing suit bottoms.

Washington’s Lottery confirmed it shuttered the app and website after being informed of the explicit image. The state lottery, which is supervised by the Lottery Commission, issued a statement explaining its decision. The lottery said before it launched its “Test Drive a Win” campaign, it worked with the developers of the AI platform to establish strict parameters to govern image creation.

The statement added the campaign ran for over a month and has seen the AI create thousands of images “that all fall within the prescribed guidelines.”

Washington’s Lottery admitted, however, that it was “made aware that a single user of the AI platform was purportedly provided an image that did not adhere to those guidelines.”

Test Drive over

Washington’s Lottery concluded its statement by essentially admitting Megan’s doctored image made it move quickly to risk further public exposure.

“One purported user is too many and as a result we have shut down the site.”

Washington’s Lottery is overseen by the Lottery Commission, an independent five-member body appointed by the Governor and approved by the state Senate. In its writ is the maintenance of “public supervision to ensure Washington state citizens’ interests are served.”

Since Wednesday morning, the mobile app’s status is currently unavailable while the site is offline.

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